Flash vs HTML5 Trend Analysis

There are countless discussions about the benefits of HTML5 and the end of Adobe Flash, but the main indicator is still, how many people are concerned with the particular subject and as. Articles written or develop programs.

Using Google Trends can be gained an interesting overview of the interest in the two topic, emanating clearly in favor of HTML5.

HTML5 Trend

 Flash Trend

My personal opinion is, that Flash was a very advanced tool for creating web applications and animations, however, it is passed through a variety of disadvantages to meet behind, because too few innovations have been added in recent years:

Disadvantages of Flash

  • SEO is extremely complex, of home made unreadable by Google
  • fixed width website
  • many vulnerabilities
  • it's just a plug-in and must be installed
  • Performance Problem

What not to say, that Flash is not many things better than HTML5 dominates, but also because of the Trendanlyse it is no longer worthwhile to rely on Flash, at Neutentwicklungen.

The Apple does not support Flash on iPad and iPhone is of course a disadvantage not to be underestimated.