Symfony mögliche Konfigurationsparameter anzeigen

Um eine alle möglichen Config Parameter eines Packetes anzuzeigen, kann man folgenden Konsolenbefehl verwenden:

php bin/console config:dump-reference doctrine_migrations


# Default configuration for extension with alias: "doctrine_migrations"

    # A list of namespace/path pairs where to look for migrations.

        # Prototype
        namespace:            ~

    # A set of services to pass to the underlying doctrine/migrations library, allowing to change its behaviour.

        # Prototype
        service:              ~

    # A set of callables to pass to the underlying doctrine/migrations library as services, allowing to change its behaviour.

        # Prototype
        factory:              ~

    # Storage to use for migration status metadata.

        # The default metadata storage, implemented as a table in the database.
            table_name:           null
            version_column_name:  null
            version_column_length: null
            executed_at_column_name: null
            execution_time_column_name: null

    # A list of migrations to load in addition to the one discovered via "migrations_paths".
    migrations:           []

    # Connection name to use for the migrations database.
    connection:           null

    # Entity manager name to use for the migrations database (available when doctrine/orm is installed).
    em:                   null

    # Run all migrations in a transaction.
    all_or_nothing:       false

    # Adds an extra check in the generated migrations to allow execution only on the same platform as they were initially generated on.
    check_database_platform: true

    # Custom template path for generated migration classes.
    custom_template:      null

    # Organize migrations mode. Possible values are: "BY_YEAR", "BY_YEAR_AND_MONTH", false
    organize_migrations:  false

    # Use profiler to calculate and visualize migration status.
    enable_profiler:      false

    # Whether or not to wrap migrations in a single transaction.
    transactional:        true