Running ACR122U NFC Card Reader SDK Demo with Java / Windows8

Using the ACR122U NFC Card Reader SDK with Java is hard work for a Java Newbie like me, but I managed it spending quiet some time on getting the demo application to run.

First Steps of running the Java Demo

  1. Install the Drivers and Demos from the CD
  2. Plug in the card reader to your PC
  3. the Java Sample Code is located here: Sample Codes\Java\source files
  4. Install Eclipse (for Java newbs like me)  🙂
  5. Make new Java project in Eclipse
  6. import the demo sources: Sample Codes\Java\source files
  7. download the OpenBeacon.org active 2.4GHz RFID reader source code dll Jacspcsc.dll in Folder C:\myfolder
  8. Link the downloaded .dll to the project in eclipse:
    1. Select ‘Run As’ -> ‘Run configurations’
    2. Check that correct run configuration is selected and choose the ‘Arguments’ tab
    3. In the ‘VM Arguments’ textbox add -Djava.library.path=C:\myfolder
  9. Under Windows 8 you have to install Java 32bit to work with the dll: tutorial
  10. After that, you can run the project successfully and the applet should run (see screenshot)