Raspberry Pi SD card holder broken – 10 seconds fast repair


The problem: the sd card holder stopped working

When your Raspberry Pi 2 is does not hold the integrated sd-card anymore, than your one of many people who face the same problem.

I have found an easy way to repair the sd card holder without fire and iron and explosions:

You can use an elastci strap and you will only loose 2 of your 4 USB-slots with this method.


A small and strong elastic strap can hold the sd cartd in the sd card slot and fixes the problem easily and smooth.

an elstic strap helps to hold the sd card in the slot


The Result

Your Raspberry Pi works again without any problems.

you will loose 2 usb slots but 2 other ones are waiting for you
works like a charme

Alternative repair

If you want to repair your sd-card slot like a pro, you should watch this youtube video:

Last alternative

Buy a new Raspberry 3 model: