Amazon MWS Products API Request Limit

Amazon has built a not very simple request limit for the entire MWS API. Generally, no more than that 10000 Requests can be made per hour.

Amazon has chosen the so-called leaky bucket algorithm, to relieve the Web.

Für die MWS Products API, can be purchased with the product information from Amazon, the following limits of the MWS Products API Referenz (Stand 6.9.2012).

Operation / Maximum Request Quota / Restore Rate
ListMatchingProducts / 20 / 1 for 5 seconds

GetMatchingProduct  / 20 / 2 Items per second

GetMatchingProductForId/ 20 / 1 Item per second (new)

GetCompetitivePricingForSKU and  GetCompetitivePricingForASIN / 20  / 10 Items per second

GetLowestOfferListingsForSKU and GetLowestOfferListingsForASIN / 20 / 10 Items per second

GetMyPriceForSKU and GetMyPriceForASIN / 20 / 10 Items per second (new)

GetProductCategoriesForSKU and GetProductCategoriesForASIN / 20 / 1for 5 seconds

 maximale Requests für ListMatchingProducts proStunde

It can 20 Requests can be made at the beginning of the hour, then the points must be replenished. After that, the rate again Restore points are filled. When every second request fills again, gives the 3600 per hour, at best, if the requests are not at the top of the hour charges, rather evenly distributed over the entire hour.

Total result for the ListMatchingProducts request for a restore rate of 5 Seconds maximum 6 * 60 = 360 Requests per hour so. Per request can 20 Items will be sent with, What does mean, that 7200 Queried by the article can in the best case.