XTCommerce instant remittance module passes in demolition continues to Cart

When canceled, there will be a redirect to the basket, because the items sold at Mange already 1 was lowered and the product is no longer album are loud database.

Therefore, in the following code must be inserted checkout_payment.php

if($_GET['payment_error'] == 'sofortueberweisung_direct')
/*    require (DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'payment.php');
    $payment_modules = new payment('sofortueberweisung_direct');
    if ($confirmation = $payment_modules->confirmation())


    require_once (DIR_WS_CLASSES.'order.php');
    require_once (DIR_FS_INC.'xtc_db_query.inc.php');
    require_once (DIR_FS_INC.'xtc_get_prid.inc.php');
    $order = new order();

    for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($order->products); $i < $n; $i ++)
         xtc_db_query("update ".TABLE_PRODUCTS." set products_quantity = products_quantity + 1 where products_id = '".xtc_get_prid($order->products[$i]['id'])."'");



// if there is nothing in the customers cart, redirect them to the shopping cart page
if ($_SESSION['cart']->count_contents() < 1)


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