When working on the PC by the way back fit

Who does not know that, the Web site or the new tool will simply not ready, Although it working hours. The eyes are totally overused by the too long "on the screen stare" and both back and neck have seen definitely better times. Especially the Office killer among us, know what I'm talking about.

In the "Advisor: Healthy back"by Westwing There are tips and tricks, as to the writing desk with PC, Perfectly aligns screens and co, to relieve his back so. In addition, simple exercises are presented, that you can do right in the Office, without breaking a sweat - quite true to the motto "as possible quickly and easily back fit be".

Problem: Work and lack of time

Who would have thought that? Although the spinal column at physically hard working people, as craftsmen, Construction workers and athletes is extremely claimed, is the pain in the Office – in the truest sense of the word:

For a normal 8-hour day at the desk, ca is the the back muscles. 24 Million office workers in Germany, exposed to permanent tension, During belly- and gluteal muscles are continuously relaxed. In addition you have usually no energy in the little remaining time after work, to comply with the Council after more movement. Seen in the long run, do of course somehow felt a such unfavourable movement patterns.

There are tense up the muscles, This ultimately results in the unpleasant pain, that probably every one of us already has experienced. It is not surprising, that 71,8% the back office hero- complain and are also becoming more and more pile up the dreaded herniated neck pain.

Ergonomic furniture is of course recommended, but mostly it does even a common variation of the sitting position, multiple standing up (You can make calls even in the Standing!) and ergonomically furnished workstation. It is advisable, the screen at a minimum of 50 cm and not at eye level, but deeper, to place. A light looking down on the screen offers some relief for the neck.  In addition, it is a pleasant, When the screen is tilted slightly backwards.

Movement away from the Office

Who wants to start directly active and want to do something for acute back pain, should seek an endurance sport, the fun. Best, it's usually with a training partner, so that you can better overcome the inner pig dog. Cycling, Run, Rowing, Climbing or swimming are recommended sports.

Ball sports, keep it fun though, but are rather bad for the back in this situation, is not recommended. Due to the heavy stop to go movements that would overextend the back and provide attack surface for more pain. Realistic and not too high set training objectives are in addition at the beginning of the key to the success and pave the way to a healthy, strong back.

With the interesting information on the subject of "Healthy back" and effective exercises for in between start easily in a means chapter – best you start today!