Run PHPUnit Unit and Integrations test with different configurations in PHPStorm

If you want to develop unit and integration tests with PHPStorm you can easily bootstrap your application and run your tests. But if you want to develop real unit tests in your local development enviroment without having a database connection or a cache, you need to make sure, that your application is configured differently, when unit tests are running. In this article you will learn how to do that and how to make PHPStorm will automatically recognize which tests/tests suites you want to execute.


Your integration and unit tests are seperated in 2 directories, like:


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Folder from the GIT remove PHPStorm .idea but locally restricted

If one accidentally with has taken over the .idea folder in its GIT versioning, is it unfortunately not possible via the IDE-PHPStorm, to remove this again.

You can run a command but just through the console, removed the folder from the GIT and locally further retains (No delete the painstakingly decorated settings!).

git rm --cached -r -f  .idea/

After that, the folder should be entered in the .gitignore:


Why you develop software projects not agencies should be

Agencies employ most freelancers, be einegstellt for development, should be exclusively your own programmers to use. The focus is on a fast and efficient programming of the project. This manifests itself in a poor code quality, d.h. practical, If an other programmer to change something later, then it takes ages, because the code is so bad, that you can't see through. Good code is especially readable and understandable, what it does need experienced programmers, which given also time is to write good code.

Agencies, the programmer will not in any way stop to write good code and often you choose as freelancers only “in exceptional cases” to work with an agency, because this usually with many overtime, Time pressure and low pay goes hand in hand. That's why land not good programmers at agencies, but rather the black sheep.

My recommendation is, not to put in the development of software on an agency, but rather to one or several good Freelancer, which implements the project conscientiously and in direct communication.

The comparison of offers by various freelancers should be not only on the price, but a focus on the experience of the programmer and the quality of the resulting software.

I have collected my thoughts about it from my and the experiences of other freelancers over the years in Berlin.

Bitcoins send test in the TestNet

To test the payment with Bitcoins without raising pay transactions, should you get a wallet, where you can also test Bitcoins (TestNet Bitcoins) send kan:

Where can you set up a wallet in the currency of the test and then gets a Bitcoin address from the TestNet, all with “m”, e.g.. mqfc7CVvhSD2eGVwkHS8s8Wc1FyZz8Z8xD

This account can be at then load up Bitcoin on the Web page:

Then you can test to receive payments, and to send and track the result on the TestNet Blockchain:

Template to remove referer spamm via .htaccess from Google Analytics

There are many Web pages Referer spam, the statistics from Google Analytics and other tool providers destroyed.

For example, these entries are as:,, and

To get rid of this Web site and to make an end to the Referer spam, have nice way the Lords of Rank Kings itself made the effort, all spammigen referer on personal and in a template for the htaccess to Pack: more…

Email receive latest offers immediately Immobilienscout

Sometimes it can be useful, If you get an apartment or real estate on or on other websites to face before anyone else.

I have created such a tool for a real estate agent, which all 15 minutes by mail in a clear form to the customer sent all new commercial real estate or rentals in certain cities in Germany. There are in addition a price per square meter and the exact address as well as a link to the offer sent:

Eigentumswohnungen Berlin 

Title: Neubau-Wohnung am Wasser 
Adresse: Friedrichshain (Friedrichshain), Berlin 

Link zum Expose auf immobilienscout24

2) ....


It is possible the program to new Internet platforms, as well as all conceivable other functions to expand. If you are interested you can contact me like contact.

OCR text recognition with Tesseract

Google has Very much interesting open source project Tesseract taken over, the one relatively easy images can extract text.

Tesseract can be run on many different operating systems and there are all programming languages wrapper to run the software for the.

The installation of the tesseract under Linux

The installation in z.B. Debain and Ubuntu looks up with the help of the Packetmanagers Very much simple and comfortable (in the example of the German language):

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-deu

But also example. There is an installation program on Windows and Mac.

For processing with PHP, you can use one of the numerous wrapper, For example,


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