SSL for all and free with

HTTPS and SSL is important for any Web page and often an annoying pastime, If the certificates expire and you quickly install the current certificates.

Let is a simple and ample alternative ’ s encrypt, the free service offer not only very fast with the (5 Minutes) SSL certificates can install, Special who cares to update the certificates, they all 90 Days expire.

For this purpose you installed on the console called a client certbot, which automatically binds the certificates for the own Web server/load balancers (nginx, Apache) and later via cronjob currently holds.

A great thing, I put on the page baby in live use and am very happy.

Linux compare files within a folder for file changes

With the diffYou can easily find out command in Linux, What differences are there in two seemingly dusts folders.

An example would be z.B. 2 Projects to compare and find out the differences in the code.

#Ausgabe auf der Console stdout
diff -qr \
--exclude="css" \
--exclude="tmp" \
/myMaster/folder /mySlave/folder

#Pipen der Ausgabe in eine Datei oder less:
diff -ur \
--exclude="css" \
--exclude="tmp" \
/myMaster/folder /mySlave/folder | /tmp/diff.txt