Tutorial: Administration backend create symfony

In this post I have a with Symfony 4 an Administartionsoberfläche with the help of Sonata create and describe the steps.

1. Create a new symfony project

With composer can be quickly skeleton project creating a new symfony:

composer create-project symfony/website-skeleton my-admin-demo

The skeleton project contains the main symfony components for a Web application and doctrine.

Now is a good time to check in the Porjket in a Versionierungsystem like GIT and to commit for the first time.

Optionally, symfony PHPUnit bridge can now be installed, If tests are written:

composer require phpunit --dev

The database can now be configured in the .env file:


And are created with the following command:

php bin/console doctrine:database:create

2. Installation of the SonataAdmin bundle more…

SSL for all and free with certbot.eff.org

HTTPS and SSL is important for any Web page and often an annoying pastime, If the certificates expire and you quickly install the current certificates.

Let is a simple and ample alternative ’ s encrypt, the free service offer not only very fast with the (5 Minutes) SSL certificates can install, Special who cares to update the certificates, they all 90 Days expire.

For this purpose you installed on the console called a client certbot, which automatically binds the certificates for the own Web server/load balancers (nginx, Apache) and later via cronjob currently holds.

A great thing, I put on the page baby taschenrechner.de in live use and am very happy.

Project: baby taschenrechner.de

The just completed project baby taschenrechner.de deals with the issues relating to the development of the own child:

  • How great my child be in x years
  • My child is like in x years
  • Is my child too hard or too thin
  • What dress size is wear it when?

The Web page is to help parents find out, When you need to buy what dress size, the approaching winter/summer home to have the appropriate.

Parents can thus einschätzne, If the child is too thin or too thick for your age/size/weight ratio.

The following technologies were used for the realization:

Symfony 3, Docker, MySQL, PHP, GIT, Google material design, Amazon AWS