Template to remove referer spamm via .htaccess from Google Analytics

There are many Web pages Referer spam, the statistics from Google Analytics and other tool providers destroyed.

For example, these entries are as: semalt.com, buttons-for-website.com, free-share-button.com and darodar.com.

To get rid of this Web site and to make an end to the Referer spam, have nice way the Lords of Rank Kings itself made the effort, all spammigen referer on personal and in a template for the htaccess to Pack: more…

SEO tool for onsite analysis: Screaming frog SEO spider

The Screaming frog SEO spider tool is a desktop program for Windows/Mac / Ubuntu lets you free up to 500 Pages in a domain spider and can analyze. You can indefinitely many domains spidering and display.

The spider displays a very clear the SEO relevant data such as meta-tags, Headers and redirects to:


SEO spider results: SB-gahlts-check.de

Conclusion: A very Elaine tool, the full version kstet only £99 per year exkl. Taxes.

HTML5 database with persistence.js tutorial

With persistence.js you can create a local database using JavaScript without a database server and an Internet connection.

Support mobile OS by persistence.js:

  • Android browser (tested on 1.6 and 2.x)
  • iPhone browser (iPhone OS 3+)
  • Modern WebKit browser (Google chrome and Safari)
  • Firefox (LocalStorage or in-memory database with Google Gears fallback)
  • Opera
  • Palm WebOS (tested on 1.4.0) more…

no harm more by bad backlinks – Google Tools

Google has launched a tool on the market, with the maliciously used or bad links calculation can be removed from the rankings: the “disavow links”-Tool. Is to find the tool in webmaster tools. Google gives an insight into the workings of the tool on the hotel's own blog: Google blog disavow links article tools.

This tool was necessary, because some SEO are specialists on the idea, the competition to devalue, by one so-called “Russian links” bought.

This evil SEO method (Black Hat SEO) works, that one by a poorly gerangten page (best violence, Six, etc) sets a link to the competition. This link causes the Page rank algorithm Google to devalue the competition pages and own page to promote.