Tutorial install the Android SDK with Eclipse on Windows 7

For Android development under Windoes should preferably be used as Eclipse IDE, Netbeans because it had some problems in the past with the Andorid SDK.

Installation of Eclipse

  1. Download von Eclipse (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers)
  2. Unpack the archive. It is important to ensure, not to do it in the program directory of Windoes, because there the write permission trouble when installing the ADT plugin
  3. Installation of Java Runtime Enviroment
  4. Run the eclipse.exe and it runs (no installation)
  5. Test project created and executed: Bsp: main.java:
public class main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello word");

Installing Android SDK

  1. Download des Android SDKs (With Windows Installer), Anforungen note
  2. and run sdk manager to run unattended
  3. Installing passenden API Levels / Version Andorid: currently is the most common version 2.2 API Level 8. For testing should also earlier and later versions are installed. Beautiful problemen: Product Problems SDK Manager

Android SDK recommended downloads of SDKs and drivers

ADT Plugin for Eclipse install

  1. ADT Plugin for Eclipse install: Instructions
  2. After restarting Eclipse: select “use existing SDKs”. For example, path. : C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk
  3. send usage statistics to google: Google knows everything and wants to know everything – should not tick one.

Hello Word in Eclipse

There is a good Page.

  1. “3. send usage statistics to google: Google knows everything and wants to know everything - you should not tick.”

    Effrontery, the bad move here without further explanation.
    These are anonymised statistics, the only contribute to the use of improvers and bugs overturn.
    Anyone still on the “BigBrothter big conspiracy” believes, should please first inform correctly. For the really paranoid, I recommend a sniffer and thus to check the sent packages!