Samsung Galaxy S4 USB connection and debugging on Windows 7

Normally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 can (or Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2) should have an easy plug-and-play 7 automatic installation routine running smooth. Unfortunately this did not work for me. If you connect to the computer the Galaxy S4 wants to synchronize my mp3s and contacts to my phone, you have the I had to install Samsung Kies to make I work:.

The following procedure was succesful::

  1. Galaxy S4 connect to PC using USB, no USB debugging checkbox (default).
  2. Installing Samsung Kies: Download Samsung Kies.
  3. Kies does install all USB drivers automatically (Android UMS Composite USB Driver, Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device, SAMSUNG_ANDROID, CDC Abstract Control Model ADC)
  4. The driver were installed when, I restarted Kies.
  5. Now all drivers are successfully installed.
Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies after successful installation


To Enable USB debugging yet the following steps must be completed. A regular user can finish reading now and have a nice day with their Galaxy, programmers have to stay patient.

  1. remove Galaxy S2 USB connection with PC
  2. Enable USB debugging on your Galaxy: Settings / Applications / Development / select all.
  3. reconnect USB .
  4. Wait until all drivers are installed automatically for debugging. May take several minutes.

Now the device can be used for testing of Android apps.


If the emulator will start in Eclipse: Run As/Run Configurations/Target/Deployment Target Selection Mode set to manual.

If you change the USB port on the PC, Windows 7 does not recognize 7 (at my PC) the mobile phone anymore. The solution was to “Connection error-search” from the start screen of Kies. This installs the drivers. It must be ensured, that USB debugging is on display in the phone before.

Here is a tip, If the Battery of your Sumsung Galaxy S2 quickly empty is.

  1. Hi, for me the USB debugging is only, when the screen of the S2 has gone into standby. I have therefore the screen to 15sec. posed. However, this works reliably.

  2. Hello and Thank you
    Super simply described, now it works with the USB connection on my phone GT-I5700 and gravel.
    Thanks again, and good luck with your projects.
    MFG BR-P

  3. These tips were the only, who helped, Gravel to install correctly.
    Now it works.