Project: Elasticsearch for XT commerce shop search

The last project was very exciting, It was an extension of the PHP shop system called XT-commerce or. of the derivative SEO-Commerce to search current standards for Zeedee Berlin.

Elasticsearch was on an own Amatzon MWS EC2 instance hosted with 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU (very inexpensive).

The following functionality can be turned off all over again in a central location, If there are problems with Elasticsearch and the old MySQL search back in force.

1. AutoComplete / Suggest function when filling the search

When typing the keyword already suggestions are given in the millisecond range. This way the customer can save much time and also helped with the spelling. suggest_zeedee

2. Search for items with similar functionality

The shop search has been improved with the help of Elasticsearch and there now more articles will be found and also very similar sounding articles, What do vertippern, For example,. performs a search for “Chain Kar” also to hits of the band “Kettcar”.


3. Similar products

It very good similar items are issued now to each article. Z.B be. in a cartoon, After all items with similar names are issued other Zecihentrickfilme proposed to support the cross-selling.