Phonegap Teil2: Installation for Android in Eclipse Windows 7

The installation for Eclipse for Android is very simple, it can be used, the test project from the Phonegap-Package himself or a project to be created.

It is important, that the tutorial was to jetztigen date are not yet supported on the new name of PhoneGap – Cordova – For example, as the files of. PhoneGap-1.50.js in cordova-1.50.js umbenannt be sind. I recommend to take the test project.

The test project for Android is under lib android and can eclipse: new Project, with existing sources importiert werden. The cordova-1.50.jar needs to be added to the build path (Project Properties/Java Build Path/Libraries/Add JARs) and the test project can be started.

In the demo you can all PhoneGap features like GPS, Accelerometer, Dial numbers, vibrate, Gallery, Contacts, Network status and compass try on the test phone / simulator.


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