Phonegap Teil1: Features and possibilities

With PhoneGap, you can Web applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build a mobile web application, while a native app for the App Store and the Android Market. Phonegap is open source and is supported by the Apache Cooperation and Adobe support. A mixture of native and mobile application as a Web app in the store is possible. The big question is, where the limits of PhoneGap, which is not possible? What features and options PhoneGap provides compared to a native app.

System requirements for the target platform

iOS: MAC OS X ab 10.6

Android and HP WebOS: all 3 (=Windows, Mac, Linux)

Symbian: all 3, But the simulator runs only on Windows

Blackberry: Windows, Mac, But the simulator runs only on Windows

Windows 7 Phone: Mac OS X ab 10.5 :)

Does one need an iPhone application with PhoneGap a MAC?

And, to generate the application and place them in the App Store, is the iOS SDK or. Android SDK requires. A slow alternative is a virtual MAC OS X with VMWare. Android can be used both in Windows, MAC and Linux test program and.

Geeignete Javascript Frameworks

  • iWebKit, provides for the iPhone look of surfaces and controls
  • jQuery Mobile, dynamic, simple own layouting, more effects and animations, e.g.. iPhone PageFlip, However, performance issues on some Android phones in animation
  • jQTouch, jQuery Mobile ein Plugin, which less support systems u.a. kein Windows Mobile/Phone, Symbian, Blackberry
  • Sencha Touch, expert, Advanced Touch Events, Animations, to learn and very difficult to debug because completely based on Javascript
  • A comparison of all the frameworks found here

Canvas in Webapps

  • can the representations of time-varying data (z.B. a chart) or pictures (z.e.g.Webcam) be used, that update via Ajax without reloading the page
  • For example, diagram can be. with the jQuery plugin Flott draw and would have to be extended by an Ajax redraw function , to be displayed in time dynamically

How dynamic content can be integrated into the app from a web service?

Using javascript to an Ajax request to run on demand and the response with javascript to be built into the existing HTML.

Features and capabilities of HTML5

  • Geo Location API very well covered on HTML5
  • Web Storage, permanent storage of data on the client side to 5MByte
  • Web SQL Database client-side storage with relational database in SQL
  • Offline Web Applications: On the first call to download all files from the Web, which are defined in the manifest file. The manifesto is on the server and is always checked for changes, which are compared with existing internet connection.

Features and capabilities of PhoneGap

  • alle HTML5 Features
  • Sale of apps on the store, it must be noted, dass Apple Apps ablehnt, not used the device functions, could be operated so as website. So it should be used, at least the camera or the like.
  • Features such as GPS, Accelerometer, Dial numbers, vibrate, Gallery, Camera, Contacts, Network status and compass

Differences PhoneGap and Titanium

  • Phonegap: Application runs in an invisible browser window, the HTML framework is not converted
  • Titanium converts the HTML framework into native code, then e.g.: generates a table view and correct any HTML table used
  • Titanium development is very Javascript-heavy
  • Titanium only works for Android and iOS, kein Windows Phone, Symbian, Palm or Blackberry

Is it possible with PhoneGap for native functions to use?

And, by plugin can be installed in Objective-C or Java, be started if needed and using Javascript incl. Callback function!

Try to Android as Demo Apps:

Phonegap: PhoneGap Showcase, PhoneGap API und jQuery Mobile

Titanium: Demo

continue to Phonegap Teil2: Installation for Android in Eclipse Windows 7

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According to the book:

  1. Good day,

    During my internship, I would like to develop a mobile application with jQuery/jQuery mobile and try the native features of a Smartphone to control with Phonegap currently. The documentation of PhoneGap, I did the test started, the camera to call. Was without jQuery included was not a problem, However, once jQuery with in the game this call isn't working.

    So I've encountered this article when searching in the net, which is quite interesting. Therefore, the question: What is meant by a plugin when using native functions? According to many articles should be observed because only the documentation of PhoneGap and no plugin needed. Do you know what specific, When using PhoneGap functions? You have that for jQuery especially “Pack” handle the functions? For me it says involved always sobal jQuery is, that the function xy(); cannot be found.