Kinect SDK Tutorial Installation unter Windows 7

The gesture recognition Xbox Kinect under Windows In order to use, can see the Kinect connect to their PC and interact. A Kinect Quickstart Microsoft's video collection it here.

It is mandatory Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 7 necessary for the Kinect Camera and at least dual-Core 2.66-GHz CPU and 2 GB Ram and of course, a USB 2.0 slot. It runs on 32bit and 64bit processors.

Software is technically mandatory DirectX9.0c Distress, other versions are not (down) compatible.

On Kinect Cameras are 2 Versions, normal “Xbox 360″ Version and a “Kinect for Windows“- Professional Version (Price currently: 200€ at Amazon).

The advantages of Kinect for Windows to Xbox Kinect

  • Near-mode“, with the one from a distance of 40cm data min (1.3 feet)can receive, d.h. from a normal PC workstation removal. Standard Kinect works recommended dimensions for a distance of 2m to the (1,8m – 3m, depending on the number of persons)
  • Significantly improved detection of individual persons
  • Control, that person will be tracked by the sensor
  • To Use and Start of commercial software (except Xbox games) you need the professional version, to Develop enough, however, the console variant.
  • supports up to four Kinect sensors per computer
  • improved speech recognition

One can distinguish the versions of the lettering on the device: normal “XBOX 360″ rechts frontal, Professional-Near Version: “Kinect“.

Kinect for Windows:

normal Xbox Kinect Kauf Variants:

An interesting extension to the standard-Kinect is the Kinect Zoom Weitwinkel-Linse. Thus can also remove 0,8 realized up to 4m for a low price. The quality is not very good for games, But programs for the lens can be quite recommendable be.

Unfortunately, when purchased will be delivered at some time ago consoles not necessarily a USB port, so it must be possible as her first one adapter. This can either Bought or adventurously itself built will.

The Kinect Hardware

The Kinect Sensor consists of several hardware components:

  • 1 Infrared image projector- and 3D data
  • 2 Cameras, a Color-Camera with high resolution of 1280×960 for image data and an infrared camera with 640×480 for 3D data
  • 4 Microphones: for speech recognition and localization

More detailed information on the Kinect hardware it here.

kinect windows hardware und adapter

Kinect for Windows hardware needed: Kinect with a USB adapter and a separate power supply

The Kinect for Windows SDK

With the SDK, the Kinect Sensor and the hardware used for custom software development Windows-Base, and also for browser-based applications with a little effort. It however can not own Xbox Games are programmed.

Installing the development environment for Kinect

  1. Installation Kinect for Windows SDKs, contained therein is MS Visual C 2010 Runtime Library, important when installing it, that the Kinect is not connected via USB to the PC and Visual Studio is closed.
  2. After that, the Kinect can be connected via USB to the PC. It will automatically be installed via Windows Update to provide drivers:

    Kinect for Windows Installation

    Kinect for Windows installed successfully from Windows Update

  3. Then in the Windows Device Manager should be checked, if the hardware has been installed correctly:


    Kinect successfully installed in the device manager

  4. If this is not the case, other USB ports should be tested and be uninstalled and reinstalled the SDK.
  5. After successful installation, this should Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit automatic installation routine running smooth, to check the compatibility using a sample application:
  6. In return, offers the Kinect Explorer. All sample programs can Startmenü/Microsoft Kinect SDK/Kinect SDK Sample Browser be started. The program may be the Kinect Explorer Selecting and starting with Run Sample:

    Installation Windows Kinect Explorer

    successful installation of the Kinect Explorer


Read more: Microsoft's technical evolution of the Kinect or The technical history of the Xbox Kinect and NUI

Libraries for Windows Kinect

  • FAAST, a project of University of South Carolina can be gemapt with the keyboard commands to gestures. This enabled games like Call of Duty or WOW with the Kinect to control.
  • Unity3D, ein Tool, for 3D games to entwickeln, are designed to run on multiple platforms. For example, to support. Web, Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation and Wii. Thus, it is possible Windows Games develop, controlled with Kinect.
  • Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio for developing robots, said Kinect Sensors e.g.: for Collision detection can be used

Demo videos for Windows Kinect Applications

  • Kinect Controls Windows 7: looks funny, when seasoned programmers with hands in the air rumfuchteln :)
  • Virtual Postcard with Kinect: Hammer Moderately! Virtual reality, at least for the other, necessarily look at the video.
  • KMotion Capture: Project to transfer Kinect A user's data and import and matching on a 3d Studio Max MAXScript 3D Model
  • Kinect Angles Version: Schoolchildren u.a learn while playing. to show the degrees of circles, looks real cool from!
  1. Thank you first for the detailed explanation.
    I try to time for the Kinect with Visual C # 2010 Working Express, but get an error message: “The type- or namespace name “Runtime” could not be found.”

    Could be due to an error in the Treiberinstalation (in the Runtime Library)?
    Would be glad, if you could help me.
    Thanks in any case for the manual.

  2. Kinect has worked for a moment, but then he shows
    eventually cricket erka annt or insufficient usb bandwidth to device
    (There are however no other USB devices connected). What can
    the lie ? My system: Win 7 Intel Core i7 8 x 2,25 GHz nvidia
    geforc 560 GT and Intel HD 4000 USB 2.0 and 3.0

    • Hello,
      try a different USB port. Benutzewr of a USB hub should connect the Kinect to the hub but directly to the PC because of the bandwidth.

  3. Thank you for the clear and good instructions. As Windows 8 User shows up but the question, where is the Kinect SDK sample browser to find.

    You could just see this and possibly. post any file path is used?

    After extensive research I could find nothing in the folders unfortunately.

  4. @Fin: Instead of the Kinect sample browser, you need to install the Developer Toolkit. There you will find the Kinect Explorer you show all data and streams can. Just look at my blog ( ) , There, I've posted the link to basics.

  5. Hello Sebastian,

    I have installed everything, but Kniect does not appear in the Device Manager, only with USB HUB and unfortunately none. Can you help?