Tutorial Jenkins on Windows set up

Server is a great asset for any major IT project a Jenkins.

In the following I will describe the Setup on Windows.


A Installer can be used comfortably under Windows, with the Jenkins then just about a Tomcat Web server is running and in the browser http://localhost:8080 is accessible. It automatically starts the installation routine, the rudimentary establishes the Jenkins:


Automatic installation routine set up by Jenkins

After you enter of the administration password, that is located in a file in the Jenkins installation folder (\JenkinssecretsinitialAdminPassword), to install the plugins Jenkins. This proposed by Jenkins is advisable it first “most of the community” held plugins to install.


Installation of standard community plugins by Jenkins

Apache Ant

To set up a build process, must have Apache Ant be installed. Apache Ant is a Java tool, with a build process can be defined via the build.xml, It bneötigt the Java JDK to operate.

Apache Ant and the Java JDK can be installed comfortably over Jenkins. For the JDK is a Oracle account required.

Manage Jenkins-> Configuration utilities


Automatic installation of Java SDK


Automatic installation of Apache Ant

Setting up of the Jenkins build jobs

All preparations are made now, a new Jenkins to create Build Job and set up the build process (Menu-> create new item-> “Free style” Select software project).


Jenkins job create step 1

As demo allows we use a demo Jenkins project: https://github.com/jenkinsci/testbed-ant-sample. On the next page, we must specify the GIT repository:


Configure Github demo repository

As a single build step we call the previously konfiugurierte Ant, which automatically the build steps out of the build.XML be carried out:


Select Apache Ant

Saving and the first build process is finished.

The first build can be started by clicking on “Now build”.

jenkins_build starten

Start build

The result should be blue = succeed, to look at details, can you get that Look at console output, that is particularly important if not successful establishment:


Console output of successful demo builds