Host Europe domain packet move DNS server change

Following these steps is necessary to his domain from a Web Pack on a server from host Europe are tightening:

In the Plesk Server Administration:

  • Website and domains select
  • Button Add new domain
  • Fill domain name: and document root: httpdocs/myDomain
  • Equip
  • applied domain in the list below, and click the Icon with the two flags click (Change DNS zone settings)
  • 2 Add name server entries: Add record Button
    1. Record type NS, Name server: IP of the server (
    2. Record type NS, Name server: IP of host Europe DNS server (
  • delete the entry:

Confirm all changes 2 confirm times.

Em end Apply DNS template changes.

New: Share/zone transfer AXFR in Plesk: In the General DNS settings you will find under “Settings/settings > DNS template settings/DNS template settings” the point “Transfer restrictions template/transfer restrictions template” (Plesk 9: “Start > DNS settings > Transfer restrictions template”). Our name servers may transfer the DNS settings from your server enter the network there free.

In the

  • put a tick before the domain and the domain to “manage as a reseller” set: Link
  • put a tick before the domain and Update select
  • Click on name server and next
  • Primary server:
  • Secondary name server: CAR
  • confirm and again”Run updates” confirm

The control would be DNS health online service be used.

It is important to know, that

Please note, that it 24 – 48 Can take hours, until the new entries in the respective WHOIS are shown and the domain is accessible.

The official guide of host Europe on the subject is here.