Private age provisions for freelancers and the self-employed

From my Start-Up I took private age pension the following very interesting points seminar at the University with very competent insurance brokers to the topic:

  • the private age pension can be paid in case of premature death at nationals
  • the pension is paid to the death, from the beginning of the age of retirement
  • man should 20% cover of gross income, as the legal old-age provision of up-to-date 19,9% for comparison
  • one private age pension should be currently the estimated pension payment of €1000, because otherwise social assistance can be obtained
  • Inflation compensation must exist, 1000€ are in 40 Years only or €100 value without compensation for inflation (striking said) more…

Disability insurance for the self-employed

A few important facts about the private disability insurance from my Start-Up founder seminar at the University of. The information applies to both employees and self-employed/freelance, because there is no legal disability insurance.

  • the disability insurance is only available
  • the disability insurance should not be combined with a pension insurance – There are more costs curious way this and not simply used a pension insurance
  • the disability insurance can be used tax completely as pension expenditure more…

Private or statutory health insurance for IT Freelancer?

The answer for the most IT freelancers: private health insurance. There is an exception, at the end of more. In my uni-start-up I have can take course with important information about health insurance for freelancers and contractors.

Advantages and disadvantages of the statutory health insurance scheme for self-employed persons General


  • Children are no covered up a merit of 50T€, about €130 / month and child incurred
  • There are also additional insurance z.B. for glasses, Dentures etc.. can be approximated with the range of services that private health insurance


  • the contribution to the statutory health insurance is calculated according to the merit (Principle of solidarity), What affects adversely for better earning
  • There are worse performance for the money – longer waiting times, fewer treatments and time at the doctor's Office

Advantages and disadvantages of private health insurance for the self-employed General more…

occupational liability insurance for IT freelancers/professionals

A workshop on Verischerungen for the self-employed at my University I took the following:

The operation description when the insurance is important, there as much as possible should be listed, What does the operation/Freelancer. With me are the z.B:

  • SEO
  • Hosting of Web pages
  • Programming for customers
  • Operate own Web pages
  • Blogging
  • Operation of online portals with freelance editors –

In case of damage, the insurance first checks, If the operation description is covered and pays such a case not, even if it is in the contract documents. This should be handled so not to Word Karg. more…