Raspberry Pi SD card holder broken – 10 seconds fast repair



The problem: the sd card holder stopped working

When your Raspberry Pi 2 is does not hold the integrated sd-card anymore, than your one of many people who face the same problem.

I have found an easy way to repair the sd card holder without fire and iron and explosions:

You can use an elastci strap and you will only loose 2 of your 4 USB-slots with this method.


A small and strong elastic strap can hold the sd cartd in the sd card slot and fixes the problem easily and smooth.


an elstic strap helps to hold the sd card in the slot


The Result

Your Raspberry Pi works again without any problems.


you will loose 2 usb slots but 2 other ones are waiting for you


works like a charme

Alternative repair

If you want to repair your sd-card slot like a pro, you should watch this youtube video:

Last alternative

Buy a new Raspberry 3 model:

NAS / Save external hard drive itself and repair

If once again the hard disk without backup is greased one or the NAS will no longer record the connection to your own computer, It is interested in data recovery from hard drives.

With a few simple steps and gadgets can be done that fast from home.

1. Step: Core external hard drive, Disassemble NAS

It's just brutal, how it sounds: The modern packaging are hard to crack. The recovery of disk from the enclosure is often more difficult than thought, but with a little violence and head möglch. Most importantly, to find the hiding places of the small mini screw, the randomly placed behind a decal in the back corner of the enclosure, so you can implement his device never together again in any case.

When you're done with its NAS that looks something like this:


My badly damaged and never again featured NAS, top left is the hard drive built in, which is read out in the next step. 3 years it has kept the piece of crap, Thanks Samsung for the garbage

2. Step: Read the hard disk with the Cloners more…

Canon B200 printer error

My Canon has goodbye printer today with the error message:

B200 printer error has occurred. Pull the power plug and contact the Service Centre.

I own an MP540, but the same applies to all other printer models.

Quick fix of user Gerd (thank you)

This tip comes from GERD in the comments to my post, I recommend this trick just to try out before buying or replacing the print head, because he has led to success in many users:

  1. Disconnect the printer from the power
  2. Cartridge out
  3. Dark grey frame lift
  4. Remove the print head
  5. Print head with lukewarm water or at best Teslanol (see below) Rinse well
  6. Print head with soft, absorbent paper towel off
  7. Printhead with air blow off
  8. Print head 1/2 STD. Let dry
  9. Install print head
  10. Dark grey frame down fold
  11. Cartridges in
  12. Reconnect the power
  13. Start printer
  14. B200 error is hopefully fixed, Printer runs

The best of the print head with a cleaning fluid should be cleaned, It costs less than €10 (Teslanol):

Tip2 user VW

  1. Take Canon printer from the power
  2. Reconnect the power
  3. Start printer
  4. again B200 error, Printer is running me
  5. Open cover,
  6. Start DruckJob with self cleaning
  7. Pressure cleaning
  8. During the cleaning, close the cover
  9. B200 is gone

If this leads to success, I'd like feedback, otherwise, I take it again from the Web site.

Hardware reset when B200 error

The cause for the B200 error message

May be caused by the printhead of the printer, the overheating have been is because of the cheap refill cartridges, which I have used to save money. As a result the following happened in the printer: The print head has filled with ink and the heating elements in the print head have seared the ink there due to the constipation.

If your printer has produced streaky expressions, then this is a sign of a broken print head. more…

Buy battery Samsung Galaxy S2

The battery of Samsung Galaxy S2 is ca. 2 Years no longer to use and can be replaced very easily even.

When purchasing new batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S2 one is worth noting

  • the performance of the batteries: the more, all the better. There are z.b. Batteries with 1650mAh 3500mAh
  • There are also cheap batteries, they promise a high performance, must be charged but still more often, that is why should be purchased not the cheapest.

I recommend a little bigger Original Samsung battery
new protective case with a power of 2000 mAh, Thus the device is still in the possibly existing protective suits. At the same time the battery has more power, as the battery, He China Mobile delivery. more…

Street headphones comparison on-ear

Five street headphones in the premium price segment from €150 Yatta €400 are now ready to test and be checked for heart and kidney.

Who gets the title for the best headphones mascot? Is it Dr Dre, Ludacris (SL300) or yet again of Frauprügler 50 Cent (SMS)? Funnily enough got all street headphones a rapper as image-person selected, If it were then, would clearly be the winner: Dr Dre :)

Test winner: SMS audio sync by 50 cent Street headphones wireless


LG – NAS under Winddows 7 and 8 install without driver

The driver CD is lost who or which got lost on LG website and for me, If I am again before, to reinstall my NAS :)

A guide to the install a LG – NAS system over Wi-Fi

  1. Connecting the NAS with the network cable to your Wi-Fi router in one of the most 4 same Wi-Fi terminals and connection to the mains. Attention, on the back of the NAS there may be a small lever, the man in the Middle “NAS” can.
  2. Download the driver “LG_Install_wizard.zip“. You can find drivers at: 1. Click on software update, 2. LG_Install_wizard.zip (of 07/20/2010, as. 86,007K or younger)
  3. Unzip and install the driver after downloading
  4. Open Windows Explorer and click on network, there a drive would be called for up to a minute LG Nasxxxxx be found, what you can enter

NAS has been successfully found on Windows 8



  1. Check, If router a network sign lights (constant), for the NAS to display, To have network access, anonsten-> Step 1

Buy new NAS – the best deals

2TB Apple time capsule at Amazon

2TB WD my book live NAS system with hard disk and cloud at Amazon

The best keyboard for Office and work in comparison

For the work in the Office, a good keyboard gold is worth, But what keyboard is the best to meet your needs? I have 5 Keyboards on their suitability for everyday office life tested. All keyboards have a German keyboard layout, and are designed for Windows-based PCs. Why are so many Logitech keyboards in the test – because Logitech currently manufactures the best keyboards for Windows PCs. more…

The Right Office Chair

The topic of ergonomics in the workplace is a perennial favorite, especially for programmers and other IT specialists, the long hours spent at their desks (need and want).Not just the desk itself plays a very important, but also the desk chair.

Apparently there actually still give contemporaries, the hours on a Plastiklappstuhl sit at home while they're programming in the basement and the only movement from short smoke breaks in between the window exists. . more…

The best laptop for programmers

I have asked many colleagues Freelancer, which laptop is the best for programmers and the result was clear:

The best company for work laptop for programmers Lenovo (IBM) in the opinion of various professionals.

After 2 With the computer I'm come experience years to realize, soon a Apple MacBook Pro
to buy and am so very happy for several years, based on the following facts:

  • both Windows made my Thinpad very slowly with time
  • the sound is very bad
  • the battery life is effectively anything under 3 Hours
  • the motherboard had to be already asugetauscht, a USB slot is also already broken up under 2 Years – the very good service of Lenovo was positive, of the beu me home has repaired the next day the same

The best laptop for programmers: The MacBook Pro

  1. very fast: 2,8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
  2. Battery up to 7 h
  3. 16GB RAM
  4. 1,8 Kilo light
  5. stable operating system Max OS
  6. Price: expensive

The Lenovo ThinkPad

  1. 3 Years warranty, Laptop is picked up from home
  2. 140€ for a docking station worth
  3. Laptop with 17.5″ Display
  4. 500Gb fast SSD
  5. 32Gb RAM
  6. Battery up to 10 h
  7. well verarbeitetet
  8. Price: expensive