Book review: Clean architecture by Robert C.. Martin

The new classics by Uncle Bob is engaged in software architecture: What is a good software Arcjtektur and why do you need you at all.

I have summarized the most important statements in the following:

What to benötugt a good architecture? It's easy to write a program, I'm something, even schoolchildren write programs. But it is difficult to write a program, What is expandable and felxibel in the future, without incurring large costs and effort. That's why it brought at first good architecture.

The evolution of programming languages is, the programmers of less opportunities to give, bad code to write.

One should not fall into the trap: We program the project to end quickly to be fast on the market and later we clean up the code. This will never happen.

The user interface (UI), the database and the business rules should be connected independently of each other via interfaces with each other and interchangeable (Plugin architecture). This allows a

  • independent deployment of 3 Components and
  • unabhängige Entwicklung in verschiedenen Teams

Functional programming solves the problem of deadlocks and multi-threading problems, da keine richtigen Variablen vorhanden sind. more…

Successfully passed certification to become a Zend certified engineer

At the 1. March I made successfully the examination for which I learned the last few months. As was to be expected, were the questions very, very tricky, but the preparation has paid off.



I can anyone recommend before from the Book PHP7 Zend Certification Study Guideto read:

In addition, you should all tests on the page to 80% can successfully answer, then you're ready for the exam.

Sign up for the exam

You can be on the login page for the examination , take one then nearby in a testing center of their choice can under strictest conditions.

Annually there is a voucher for the exam, If you're lucky.

Project: baby

The just completed project baby deals with the issues relating to the development of the own child:

  • How great my child be in x years
  • My child is like in x years
  • Is my child too hard or too thin
  • What dress size is wear it when?

The Web page is to help parents find out, When you need to buy what dress size, the approaching winter/summer home to have the appropriate.

Parents can thus einschätzne, If the child is too thin or too thick for your age/size/weight ratio.

The following technologies were used for the realization:

Symfony 3, Docker, MySQL, PHP, GIT, Google material design, Amazon AWS

The REST Web service Architur – an overview with PHP

If you want to build a Web service today, you no longer get around REST. As a quasi standard it meets the needs of a modern interface best, In contrast to the alternatives from the past gray: RPC, DCOM, CORBA, RMI and SOAP.

What are the benefits of REST?

1. Loose coupling

REST interfaces can be exchanged in theory.

2. Interoperabilitaet

REST over HTTP is available and very easy to talk to as opposed to the more complex approaches such as SOAP and CORBA in any environment.

3. Performance and scalability

Many requests from the cache can be answered through the State unemployment and successive requests must be answered by the same system (Scalability)

Basic principles of REST more…

Project: Elasticsearch for XT commerce shop search

The last project was very exciting, It was an extension of the PHP shop system called XT-commerce or. of the derivative SEO-Commerce to search current standards for Zeedee Berlin.

Elasticsearch was on an own Amatzon MWS EC2 instance hosted with 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU (very inexpensive).

The following functionality can be turned off all over again in a central location, If there are problems with Elasticsearch and the old MySQL search back in force.

1. AutoComplete / Suggest function when filling the search

When typing the keyword already suggestions are given in the millisecond range. This way the customer can save much time and also helped with the spelling. suggest_zeedee


Raspberry Pi SD card holder broken – 10 seconds fast repair



The problem: the sd card holder stopped working

When your Raspberry Pi 2 is does not hold the integrated sd-card anymore, than your one of many people who face the same problem.

I have found an easy way to repair the sd card holder without fire and iron and explosions:

You can use an elastci strap and you will only loose 2 of your 4 USB-slots with this method.


A small and strong elastic strap can hold the sd cartd in the sd card slot and fixes the problem easily and smooth.


an elstic strap helps to hold the sd card in the slot


The Result

Your Raspberry Pi works again without any problems.


you will loose 2 usb slots but 2 other ones are waiting for you


works like a charme

Alternative repair

If you want to repair your sd-card slot like a pro, you should watch this youtube video:

Last alternative

Buy a new Raspberry 3 model:

Amazon automatic price adjustment tool

I developed a tool just for a customer, with the one the prices of own goods at Amazon can automatically adapt. In the competition to Goth are determined analyzes reliability and therefore a fair price condition of the product and seller for the goods. There are all the data, about the API are available for the determination of price with used, as e.g.. Seller feedback (Reviews of the dealer), whether Amazon itself sent, Shipping time and much more.

The tool compares the rates between the various Amazon optional platforms in Europe (DE, UK, IT, IT, FR) Platforms but also outside Europe, like Japan or America and händelt the different currencies.

The result can be sent directly to Amazon via the API and the prices will be immediately updated.

Amazon Preisanpassung

Screenshot Preisanpassungs Tool


The application is in PHP with symfony 3 written and has a front end with Twitter bootstrap 3 and a MySQL database. There's also a vagrant environment for developing with PHP7. 1 and nginx. Be carried out can the whole thing with a simple XAMPP environment or vagrant virtual box at the customer locally on a PC.

If you are also interested in such a tool, allows you to Contact.

NAS / Save external hard drive itself and repair

If once again the hard disk without backup is greased one or the NAS will no longer record the connection to your own computer, It is interested in data recovery from hard drives.

With a few simple steps and gadgets can be done that fast from home.

1. Step: Core external hard drive, Disassemble NAS

It's just brutal, how it sounds: The modern packaging are hard to crack. The recovery of disk from the enclosure is often more difficult than thought, but with a little violence and head möglch. Most importantly, to find the hiding places of the small mini screw, the randomly placed behind a decal in the back corner of the enclosure, so you can implement his device never together again in any case.

When you're done with its NAS that looks something like this:


My badly damaged and never again featured NAS, top left is the hard drive built in, which is read out in the next step. 3 years it has kept the piece of crap, Thanks Samsung for the garbage

2. Step: Read the hard disk with the Cloners more…