The REST Web service Architur – an overview with PHP

If you want to build a Web service today, you no longer get around REST. As a quasi standard it meets the needs of a modern interface best, In contrast to the alternatives from the past gray: RPC, DCOM, CORBA, RMI and SOAP.

What are the benefits of REST?

1. Loose coupling

REST interfaces can be exchanged in theory.

2. Interoperabilitaet

REST over HTTP is available and very easy to talk to as opposed to the more complex approaches such as SOAP and CORBA in any environment.

3. Performance and scalability

Many requests from the cache can be answered through the State unemployment and successive requests must be answered by the same system (Scalability)

Basic principles of REST more…

Comparison: Sell books at Momox and rebuy

I've cleaned everything up today and my programming books that are no longer taken for years trying to sell at and

I downloaded the app of the respective provider to me and scanned my books. You will immediately receive a prize and can decide, If you want to sell the book/CD/DVD. If you have at least €10 together, You can close the sale and gets a Packetgutschein for mail or DHL free and then be send packet to the provider. He looks at the article and the State and then transfer the money.

Advantage of momox

The app is better, the bar code scanner to handle and easier/more intuitive to use.

About the app you can select shipping with DHL (rebuy also DHL offer has, but the app offers only Hermes).

To get the discount coupon €5 (for me, it was momox16 or soon momox17, have a look).

Momox sucks one less with marketing for the sale of their articles.

Rebuy will transfer the money directly to the account, but one first writes a “Have good” well in your shop, to make you shop there. To get the money on the account, you have to have extra active.

Advantages of rebuy

You have to type less data on the app, I had however not even enter my bank data initial, what I find funny, but let's see.

Intermediate results

Both packages on the way with the DHL providers are now, I hope everything runs smoothly.

I found it very interesting, for sale both, because one often pays more than the other, You can compare the prices as well and seek out the best.


Both rebuy and Momox have paid full money me after a week without any problems with the goods.

That's why my recommendation is: Momox

Apple mail error: Account already exists

I have set up my email addresses using Apple mail problem, that I an account could add, because the error message always came, that the Account should already exist (even though he of course did not).

The problem

My iCloud account was set as my same email address “already exists” E-Mail Adresse: .

The solution

I've added address email in Apple mail to your iCloud account , Thus there was no duplicate E-Mail addresses and I could my Use address, without getting the error message during Setup.

Instructions for Apple Mail

  • Mail (top right) -> Accounts
  • Select iCloud account links
  • Click on mail in the box to the right
  • find address and confirm
  • finished

Then the email can be added to mailbox without the obstructive error message.

Experience report internetactve GmbH Offenbach

With the internetactve GmbH, I ent is based in the programming of a Web application for the exchange of Bitcins in other currencies. I erbeitet this with the Managing Director, Jens Leinert, together. The attack works very well, until he one day no longer reported to me and the website was taken offline later.

The funny thing, was, I have worked on several days, before with another customer told me the internetactve GmbH, the working set, because Mr Lienert should no longer sign also in him, and he had gotten an email, to set the server and the operation of the portal, because the company out of Switzerland claims, None of this apparently copied product to know.

Since then Mr Leinert is untergtaucht and veruscht to push the payment of the costs, which is why I have written this article.

If a full payment will take place, will I delete this article, until then, I warn open front shops with the internetactve GmbH.

Tennis elbow and golf arm treatment programmers

As programmers it is at some point inevitably affected by a tennis elbow or golf arm. I met very many unnecessary method in the treatment and only one method has helped me, the but for very fast: The Transverse friction by a Physiotherapists.

The transverse friction is a painful treatment, the 20 Takes minutes and is very effective, She should be performed in any case by a strong physical therapists 2 times a week. After a handful of treatments, it will be noticeably better.

What with me not has helped, were:

  • normal “Wellness” Massages on the arm by a Pysiotherapeuthen
  • Current treatment
  • The gentle of hand (to use his hands always somehow)
  • Supports or associations
  • Stretching exercises

OCR text recognition with Tesseract

Google has Very much interesting open source project Tesseract taken over, the one relatively easy images can extract text.

Tesseract can be run on many different operating systems and there are all programming languages wrapper to run the software for the.

The installation of the tesseract under Linux

The installation in z.B. Debain and Ubuntu looks up with the help of the Packetmanagers Very much simple and comfortable (in the example of the German language):

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-deu

But also example. There is an installation program on Windows and Mac.

For processing with PHP, you can use one of the numerous wrapper, For example,


Imagick PHP more…