Comparison: Sell books at Momox and rebuy

I've cleaned everything up today and my programming books that are no longer taken for years trying to sell at and

I downloaded the app of the respective provider to me and scanned my books. You will immediately receive a prize and can decide, If you want to sell the book/CD/DVD. If you have at least €10 together, You can close the sale and gets a Packetgutschein for mail or DHL free and then be send packet to the provider. He looks at the article and the State and then transfer the money.

Advantage of momox

The app is better, the bar code scanner to handle and easier/more intuitive to use.

About the app you can select shipping with DHL (rebuy also DHL offer has, but the app offers only Hermes).

To get the discount coupon €5 (for me, it was momox16 or soon momox17, have a look).

Momox sucks one less with marketing for the sale of their articles.

Rebuy will transfer the money directly to the account, but one first writes a “Have good” well in your shop, to make you shop there. To get the money on the account, you have to have extra active.

Advantages of rebuy

You have to type less data on the app, I had however not even enter my bank data initial, what I find funny, but let's see.

Intermediate results

Both packages on the way with the DHL providers are now, I hope everything runs smoothly.

I found it very interesting, for sale both, because one often pays more than the other, You can compare the prices as well and seek out the best.


Both rebuy and Momox have paid full money me after a week without any problems with the goods.

That's why my recommendation is: Momox

  1. Am absolutely unhappy with Momox. Intact books were classified as damaged and you can send them for a fee or Momox holds it. Not to be recommended.