Buy battery Samsung Galaxy S2

The battery of Samsung Galaxy S2 is ca. 2 Years no longer to use and can be replaced very easily even.

When purchasing new batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S2 one is worth noting

  • the performance of the batteries: the more, all the better. There are z.b. Batteries with 1650mAh 3500mAh
  • There are also cheap batteries, they promise a high performance, must be charged but still more often, that is why should be purchased not the cheapest.

I recommend a little bigger Original Samsung battery
new protective case with a power of 2000 mAh, Thus the device is still in the possibly existing protective suits. At the same time the battery has more power, as the battery, He China Mobile delivery.

Who is annoyed by the charging, I recommend the theLENTEC power battery 3500mAh He offered most power, but the cell phone is also significantly thicker and heavier. This battery works only with i9100 type of Samsung Galaxy S2.

Who just wants to make no heavier and wider mobile phone, He should be to the Original Samsung battery with 1650 mAh access (Shipping from China, but the quality is).

Here a little video, What can help, the mobile phone to open and replace the battery. I went without.