Amazon Product Advertising API nach AWS Products API Migration

The next change in the Amazon Product Advertising API is to, After the WSDL service will be disconnected, is at the end of August 2012 the Amazon product advertising API for sellers abolished and replaced by the new service:  AWS Products API. For advertisers, the service is still available.

This is a package of the new AWS services entahlten, The library can here be related. There is a migration guide here, Also important is the API Dokumentation.

We can say roughly, that the new API is divided more and you have to sell more requests over a product than with the old API, In order to receive the same information.


  1. It should be noted, that the whole well “only” Seller is true for you as an affiliate and (Amazon Associate) the Product Advertising API can continue to use, if I understand correctly.

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    A few days ago (on February 6th), Amazon announced that they will discontinue the Product Advertising API for sellers on August 31st 2012. Sellers must migrate to the recently announced MWS Products API before that date.

    And the mail from Amazon, according

    Marketplace Web Services (MWS) is pleased to announce the availability of the new MWS Products API. The MWS Products API will replace the Amazon Product Advertising API (PA-API) as the means for sellers to obtain sourcing, listing matching, and pricing information for offering products on Amazon marketplace sites. PA-API will be discontinued for Amazon seller use on August 31, 2012.