Position your own AddThis plugin WordPress

The AddThis plugin defends itself by hands and feet to position itself. This works with a small hack but also without the backend options to lose (see share box below the article)

In the backend to set the desired look and feel and activated an option, e.g.:

Enable the following sharing tool at the Bottom of posts


and turns off the display on all pages. Here is also a list of services possible and appropriate. An overview of the short code of services, there be inserted it must shampoo here.


Then you can manually include the plugin in the template:

<div id='myAddthisCustom'>
    <? addthis_print_widget(null, null, 'below'); ?>

Now double-click on the page, it seems, to avoid the unwanted second AddThis share, can you hide it via CSS:

    display: none;
    display: block;
  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the effort.
    Unfortunately, I can absolutely nothing with the samples as a beginner – No matter – which start.
    It is from the context and without the 'Line'.
    Where is what entered?
    Where can I make what never?
    How do I systematically?
    Kalam answers – What a pity.
    For beginners or people who want to learn want WordPress to customize or extend, or to write all your own PlugIns, this blog is unfortunately not suitable.

    For programming the inspiration get want to certainly a treasure trove, I need to look further.

    Continued success and greetings