Windows 10 scheduled task for PHP script create crontab

For recurring PHP jobs can the operating system scheduler use, is cron under Linux and Windows tasks.

To a PHP script to start C:\foobar. php using the Task Scheduler every minute can you see Windows 10 and including as follows new challenges apply.

Under control panel -.> Task Scheduler new tasks can be managed:

Control Panel-> Task Scheduler

Create task – If you want the script to run in the background, then you should select “Execute independently of the Bneutzeranmeldung” check


Every minute to create trigger, activated necessarily tick

also run on battery power

define php script as action, PHP must be entered for it in the PATH, otherwise must enter the absolute path to the PHP installation. In “Start in” can a directory be specify, the command can be run in.

After 5 Kill the process to minutes