Canon B200 printer error

My Canon has goodbye printer today with the error message:

B200 printer error has occurred. Pull the power plug and contact the Service Centre.

I own an MP540, but the same applies to all other printer models.

Quick fix of user Gerd (thank you)

This tip comes from GERD in the comments to my post, I recommend this trick just to try out before buying or replacing the print head, because he has led to success in many users:

  1. Disconnect the printer from the power
  2. Cartridge out
  3. Dark grey frame lift
  4. Remove the print head
  5. Print head with lukewarm water or at best Teslanol (see below) Rinse well
  6. Print head with soft, absorbent paper towel off
  7. Printhead with air blow off
  8. Print head 1/2 STD. Let dry
  9. Install print head
  10. Dark grey frame down fold
  11. Cartridges in
  12. Reconnect the power
  13. Start printer
  14. B200 error is hopefully fixed, Printer runs

The best of the print head with a cleaning fluid should be cleaned, It costs less than €10 (Teslanol):

Tip2 user VW

  1. Take Canon printer from the power
  2. Reconnect the power
  3. Start printer
  4. again B200 error, Printer is running me
  5. Open cover,
  6. Start DruckJob with self cleaning
  7. Pressure cleaning
  8. During the cleaning, close the cover
  9. B200 is gone

If this leads to success, I'd like feedback, otherwise, I take it again from the Web site.

Hardware reset when B200 error

The cause for the B200 error message

May be caused by the printhead of the printer, the overheating have been is because of the cheap refill cartridges, which I have used to save money. As a result the following happened in the printer: The print head has filled with ink and the heating elements in the print head have seared the ink there due to the constipation.

If your printer has produced streaky expressions, then this is a sign of a broken print head.

How to replace the printhead?

This is relatively easy: It is a guide supplied with the replacement printhead from Canon. For cautious here a video for the printing head is changed at Canon:

Where can I get a new print head

Order a new best at Amazon.

A few examples:

Models / Link

IP3600, MP540, MP6200, MX620 / matching print head at Amazon

i560, i850, PIXMA iP3000, iP3100, PIXMA iX4000, iX5000, PIXMA MP700, MP710, MP730, MP740, SmartBase MP700, MP730 / matching print head at Amazon

PIXMA iP4300, iP5200, iP5200R, PIXMA MP600, MP600R, PIXMA MP800, MP800R, MP830 / matching print head at Amazon

IP4500 IP5300 / matching print head at Amazon

MP510, MP520, IP3300, IP3500, MX700 / matching print head at Amazon

Canon i80, Canon PIXMA iP90, iP90V Canon Pixus 80i / matching print head at Amazon

IP4300, IP5200, MP80 /. matching print head at Amazon

It is worth to replace the printhead in a B200 error?

The risk is 50%, that despite exchanges of the print head, the remaining Electronics has been also damaged and other parts must be replaced. It economically not worth buying a new print head in a B200 error. Can of course be tried first and the print head will be sent to back.

Canon PIXMA TS5050

  • Wi-Fi
  • Photo printing
  • double-sided printing
  • Ink cartridges contain (small)
  • my personal recommendation

Canon Pixma TR8550 All-in-One Farbtintenstrahl-Multifunktionsgerät (Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax, USB, WLAN, LAN, Apple AirPrint)

  • 3-in-1 multifunction device (Scanner, Copier, Printer)
  • Wi-Fi
  • excellent reviews
  • AirPrint

Haben Sie Ihren Drucker reparieren können?

  • Der Quickfix von Gerd hat leider NICHT funktioniert (39%, 178 Stimmen)
  • Nein, ich habe den Druckkopf ausgetauscht aber es hat nicht funktioniert. (25%, 112 Stimmen)
  • Ich habe mich für einen Neukauf des Druckers entschieden. (17%, 76 Stimmen)
  • Der Quickfix von Gerd hat funktioniert (7%, 31 Stimmen)
  • nichts davon trifft zu (bitte Kommentar schreiben) (5%, 22 Stimmen)
  • Ja, ich habe den Druckkopf mit Erfolg ausgetauscht . (3%, 13 Stimmen)
  • Neu: Tipp 2 von User VW hat funktioniert (3%, 13 Stimmen)
  • Neu: Tipp 2 von User VW hat NICHT funktioniert (1%, 11 Stimmen)

Stimmen: 454

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  1. For me the B200 has been as easy error of one morning.
    The printer has never seen Fremdpatronenen.
    Maybe storm damage, But despite overvoltage protection plug.

  2. Pressure head is changed and new original ink cartridges and only automatic and then manually setting the printer will blank the pages. I have done all the tests potential of the device display. After futile Setuo of the programs from the CD installed.

  3. Hello people

    Have fixed the B200 error on my MP620 for the second time :

    > Disconnect the printer from the power
    > Cartridge out
    > Dark grey frame lift
    > Remove the print head
    > Print head under warm running water rinse
    > Print head with soft, absorbent paper towel off
    > Printhead with air blow off
    > Print head 1/2 STD. Let dry
    > Install print head
    > Dark grey frame down fold
    > Cartridges in
    > Reconnect the power
    > Start printer
    > nothing more B200, Printer runs

    Greetings Gerd

    • I got it after B200 error just as in work, as Gerd said it. Let's see if it works. It's worth the try. By the way, I was surprised how much color in / so ' a pressure head upon it sticks. Now I have colorful finger and am confident. Better than equal to to buy a new print head.

    • Hi gerd,

      that with my mp540 according to your instructions did and works perfectly again.
      Thanks for the hint

      greetings and thanks again


  4. Hello, have also the B200. But in the Canon manual: Flush or not to wipe the printhead and the printer cartridges. And now?

  5. According to the exact work instructions, I have cleaned the print head, carefully dried and reinstated. After several starts, turn on, turn off, I have to print tried and after a few tries it worked. Thank you

  6. I have an iP3600. There's no gray frame to the lift. How do I get, Damn it, to get this Drockkopf?

    • There is the (got the same). It is a gray folding with two finger indentations (left / right), at the top of the print carriage front half “framed” (U shape). With some pressure pull up the bar, after ca. 25the folding mechanism responds ° and the bar jumps up.
      The print head on both sides hold and tilt forward and you can take it out.

      ps. Naturally, first removing the cartridges.

  7. The tip is super, made me hope ;-) ….Unfortunately the printer wanted after several repeat “Procedure” still no longer.. :-(
    “He was old….( as. 4 Years ) and (Canon) …..needs the money……”

    Bye PIXMA….

  8. the b200 error came out of blue sky; It was used only original canon ink !

    did we clean the print head do described, then came at the selbsttest 3 the b200 message times, for the 4th time normally smachen and start again,
    your selbsttest of the printer went out and can no longer switch on.
    “programmed defect ???”
    will peddle now still the remaining original ink tanks on ebay.

    • The same happened also us! Print head cleaning. Printer 10 x on and off. Pride, the B200 error is gone. Sent print job, Printer went out during self-test, the lights stay off…… Scrap!!!!!!

      • Unfortunately unfortunately….everything and anything goes scan mehr.zum he is yet to use, When he was taken for a ride. He prints out properly the test page, but neither the manual pressure (copy) still, the pressure of the computer is possible. It nearly blank paper sheets come out or. equal B200. I downloaded also the latest driver! I guess, like so many others…, that Canon vorprogramiert this error… :( The next printer is a Canon never.

  9. I have cleaned the print head, but he does nothing.
    I can not print a test page still other.
    Is there still a help???

  10. Tried everything possible – no success.
    Take Canon printer from my sales out.
    Never again Canon……
    Made negative experiences in the customers even with other Canon printers – The service has advised to buy new printer, what I will propose the customers, but not more from Canon.

  11. Hi Gerd,
    Thanks for the tip, it have tried and works.
    I bought an Ip3600 and only replacement inks with chip. The printer is now 4 Years old, I actually thought I need a new. The Canon had cost me at the time nearly €60. Since I print relatively much (5 People budget) I expected a built-in error. Further, I'll buy the cheap cartridges, but every year the printhead “Rinse”

    Many greetings and thanks

  12. I can fix the problem according to the instructions of Gerd.
    I have treated the print heads with an existing rest Printhead Cleaner. This drying of the heads was very reduced.
    After 5 times Steckerziehen and ca. 10 x printer- and turn he has not displayed then the error. The subsequent expression was clean and without any complaints.

  13. First I had I B200 error. After I changed a cartridge the printer was no longer turn. The power supply is OK. Fuses OK. Hundreds of defective Canoen are printer in the eBay with the same error. I'll probably never buy a Canon printer!

    • Have tried, the error B200 with clean, Dry and replace empty cartridges at to come. Print head looked perfectly, no reverse kokelten places etc.. Also outsmarting worked, the menu appeared, also several times. Pressure tests of the PC, the error came again, Color copy tests, the device turned off. After a maximum of five attempts is now (only the Orange lamp lights up briefly), the carriage allows you to print head no longer change in the Middle.
      What can I do?

      • For me the same thing!
        Did the MP540
        I have cleaned the head several times with isopropanol and come with the small "Cover is open" - trick in the menu and now(as 20 Reps) He No more directly displays the error B200. As soon as I am but trying to print something, whether through the maintenance, the PC or via scankopie B200 reappears.
        Another idea would be really helpful!

        • Try to cover the two pins on the printhead like it shows in the youtube menu for hardware reset. It worked for me. I can use the printer now but i have no yellow and gray on the test image. Also i canot print images, only text, i think the head is damaged and i will have to change it. However it is a solution to scan and print text… better then nothing.

  14. Have the print head at the 3 Expanded years of old MX885, washed dried and reinstalled. The B200 error still comes. Removed printhead missing printhead is reported, otherwise, it has never been problems with the device.
    Print out total ca. 10.000 Pages. Got myself a new MX 925 Bought.

  15. Thanks for the tip. Brought nothing unfortunately. This was my second and last printer (even the final product) by Canon.
    The same error is surfaced when two devices out of nowhere, Although I've used brand cartridges with chip. I can not tell, If other brands are better. But a challenge is possible to be worse in this course.

  16. Thank you Gerd!
    Had for the second time the error message B200. The first time the printer went up once again after two weeks. This time I had to wait no desire and hope, I am over instructed as a teacher on my printer. I have washed the printhead not like by Gerd described, but wiped only damp in places, where the ink a- and escapes. Worked! :-)

  17. Had 4 “in words four Canon printer” in the last few years, all of them were shortly after the warranty period and. Had also 2 IXUS cameras, both after the warranty period the imaging chips, broken.

    Never again Canon!

  18. Forgot to write, also I tried zillion times, the head as instructed, to clean etc.. usw.
    It did not help anything!
    Buy now another make.

  19. With my MP560 (4 Years old) did not work. Got error 5100 and the printer head shoots formally when you turn back and forth. Well, that's it I guess :(

    • Hello Chris,

      Please look up once this error image the “Magnetic tape” on and test it dirt or cracks.


  20. Have an MP560. Bought in February 2010. Now the first error message (B200). That procedure is performed according to the instructions of Gerd. Printer running again!! Many thanks to GERD!

  21. I have crawl other sites with basically the same instruction, only you must outwit the printer, to get back to the menu, because the Canon balks selsbt when you turn known by the damn B200. Nothing worked I have the print head Very much thoroughly for several minutes with lukewarm water rinsed until more joined color technician, then subsequently in isopropanol (70%) dipped (It came out still residual color) dabbed dry and allow to dry. Then everything installed properly but came in menu, wanted an intensive cleaning, Cleaning, Print head alignment (tried everything) make and B200 came back after a time.
    Can anyone help maybe still me?

  22. After several unsuccessful cleaning of the printhead the following trick helped In fact, the I've read in other forum.
    1-Open the cover
    2-push the ON button
    3-wait till the printhead moves to left
    4-When the printhead starts to move close to the cover
    5-problem solved !

    Never again Canon!

    • This trick has really helped, Thanks for this tip.

      I am shocked about the number of people who have this problem or have had.

      What is it recommended ?

    • In my PIXMA MP 550 today is the B 200 Error for the first time and very spontaneously immediately after switching on. Thanks to Google search, I landed here and after two attempts the error be lift can have. Thank you!
      In my opinion it is crucial for the success of fast, how fast or. When you close the cover. So if it don't work out, Repeat the whole procedure several times. The print head may probably not too far out be driven during the closing.

      • Super Tip, Thank you.
        I pulled the plug a few days ago, because I wanted to put another device there. The printer runs since 7 years without any problems. After I tried to print again and got the error message B200
        I had the years before ever.

        After 2 Experiments with high coverage- on switch – close it again has folded :-)

        Printer is actually very stable – so don't confuse let

      • The variant 2 VW has in my 5 Years of old PIXMA M 550
        now works.
        I also think such as Heinz: “In my opinion it is crucial for the success of fast, how fast or. When you close the cover. So if it don't work out, Repeat the whole procedure several times. The print head should probably not too far out be used when closing.”

        • Unfortunately I can't like that at the tip of VW do: “6.Start DruckJob with self cleaning.” Have a MP550. Can someone explain this? Please, I'd be happy to help.
          A few months ago it worked with the hint of Gerd (has again super – as new – printed, not today but unfortunately…

    • Have tried everything nothing helped.
      But this tip was worth gold finally no error message
      more. And the printer prints one way free.
      What are these error messages are not removed? New printer purchase? Cannon no thank you!

    • Thank you for the tip!

      This has actually helped, now be pressure- and Scanversuche, If that don't work I write again, otherwise: Very much, very horny!

    • Hello,

      the cleaning tip from GERD alone has not used, but along with the above tip works again my MG5350. Thank you!
      Just wonder, whether it would have done without the cleaning of the print head.

    • Siper – has helped, Thank you.
      Print head was also still absolutely clean (MP540)
      Epson is no better with its mistakes but :-(

    • got my MG5350 mind. 3-4 Months after the B200 display no longer switched on – now I bought a new printer and for fun fired up again the old. First B200 when you turn. Then the cheat with the open of the cartridge compartment until the print head moves. And suddenly I was able to print again. Is dry the drip tray for the print head cleaning in the meantime?

    • MG 5150 Super !! After cleaning nix. Then your tip, all super he runs again. Thank you very much

    • Great, It got the tip. I've been saving me the cleaning, two almost empty cartridges replaced and now anyway, the W200 doesn't show just errors.
      Thank you!!!

    • Have cleaned only after the Gerds tip, It has not helped. Then this tip tries and was filled with hope, as he again opened the menu and was preparing to pressure…then he went out suddenly and now nothing works!
      Great... Thank you Canon -.-

    • Good day!

      I can't believe these tricks! My iP4700 has shown the B200.
      I have tested the trick with the open lid close at print head movement – and it worked:
      A test page was printed already.

      Note: When you turn the head jerky just, then I but waited for the great movement which he shortly thereafter and closed.
      So it went.

      Thank you for your pioneering work!

      Energeter Josef

    • Well something like that! That worked and without print head cleaning, etc.! (PIXMA MG6450) Thank you very much!

  23. I have implemented all above statement, and it seems to work. Nozzle test runs….

    The video however is Very much informative.
    If this is so only at Canon… I doubt…

    Ink on the print head has gone out anyway, with me and the printhead was smeared. So rinse and dry here helped. For How long can I not say. The printer is 5 Years and a few months in use.

    The other toi toi toi

  24. My MX885 is good 3 Years old, occurred as yesterday B200. Did Gerds quickfix, brought nothing unfortunately. Then have the suggestion of “Alternative solution to B200 ” made, then the printer goes after all back to normal in the standby mode, but when I want to print or scan, reappears B200, No matter how many times I tried it. The same applies to the trick “open printer 5 x quickly press the on button” – been nice about, but the damn thing just No more tuts. A new print head costs ca 80 EUR, It's probably No more worth.

  25. For me, the error was also suddenly. I was able to print a moment yet in the next, Zack B200! After I washed the printhead and the device a few times- and switched on have we went back. My MP540 is over 5 Years old and I has the last two years on the attic spent therefore think, that the ink on the print head has dried up.

  26. In the evening three pages printed, next morning after turning B200, Print head with cleaning fluid, clean and dry, no success. Canon MX885 is a superior printer, but the company has a lousy service. I have Canon 2 Printer. a camera, a camcorder. But after what I have learned now and Canon I will separate me from this company. Other mothers have beautiful daughters!!

  27. I have printed and suddenly appeared in the middle of the B200 error.
    Probably overheating or similar.
    I cleaned the print head, but it worked, nothing so I needed a new.

  28. It has the B with the clean and warm dry with hair dryer 200 Error in the knee forced. That was a good piece of advice here in the Forum. We all worked.

  29. In response to my entry v. 25.9.: Went with my Canon printer (one is their support centres with me near). Cost estimate would have 20 Cost EUR, for this I have examined the printer. In fact it was the print head, and all in all I have 76 Paid EUR. I have a new printhead, the security, that other components have included no harm and I can continue to use my stock of cartridges. Seemed attractive to me the bottom line, so I the new printer, which I had already bought, have returned. The staff said, by the way, This error hang together with counterfeit cartridges, He almost never show up for the exclusive use of original Canon cartridges.

  30. Always Orginalpatronen have used yet this error occurred.Have printed many pictures. To clean the print head nothing happened. Anyway thanks for the information.

  31. Thanks for the advice. Got this head cleaned , as already more often (B200 never had there but as a message) and now it prints again.
    Many greetings
    Josef fegg

  32. Have MX 850. After cleaning print head, as described here, first came the Fehlermedlung B200. But!!:
    After only a single on / off a part of the prints again!!
    Thanks for the tip.
    Another note: If your printer has the error message goes on strike, the printing unit disappeared Yes usually right underneath the inner cover and you can not drive by opening of the lid in the Middle; then game, but not too fast or. gruff pulling the white band in the Middle. Now you can, proceed as described.

  33. Error message B200 – a- u. switched off, Unplugged and down-driven PC, all to no avail. Research on the Internet and helpful tip from GERD – Thank you for this. Expanded about u. Print head cleaning. After drying again used and renewed several times a- and turn off, Have now at least again ordentl. Display view. Just print out it still doesn't work. So wait till tomorrow. Maybe my Canon has achieved the performance hours and says goodbye. This is not only for Canon so. The producing economy want to live too.

  34. Unfortunately the removing and cleaning the printer head has brought nothing.
    Will not getting around a new purchase.

  35. The B200 came out of nowhere. 2 Minutes before a page printed with excellent print. I've been using third-party ink.

    Called after the failure at the Canon service. Cartridge out, Print head cleaned out and rubbing alcohol. Printer 30 Mins are taken from the current. Helped everything to nothing.

    I have the impression after the starts, that the print head is mechanically not only addressed, the message is pretty much immediately after switching.

    I can't get rid of the feeling of the planned scrapping of Canon. I would choose yourself due to a bad image, When I throw the printer or the print head into the bin. My old Epson Stylus Color 740 Printer has printed as long, until I took him because of the frayed image of the ventilators. The Epson was brave 7 Years through and not only 2 Years, as my current Canon MG5250. :-(

    Am pretty disappointed in Canon and will carry negative criticism, thus not even more potential buyers that fall.

  36. After removing the head message “Printhead missing”-sounded so good.
    Printhead as described cleaned,etc.. Is addressed also again. Cleaning of the nozzles can be initiate and after some humming and Wurschteln then again”B200″.
    Reboot and cleaning once or twice repeated. No change.
    Not looking for Canon more: Is the 2. PIXMA- After each 2 Years time ex gone….obviously wanted. So much scrap is not compatible the Earth. Canon will be removed from the list of purchase. Best wishes.

  37. I'm now almost 20 Years CANON- Used printers.
    The printed result is fantastic, but unfortunately, the printers are sensitive to mega. I'm sick and tired!
    I have my present until two years.
    I change to HP.

  38. Tip When B200 error “5x press of the ON button when the lid is open!!!” has worked for the time being! Thank you! LG. Hebert jun.

  39. Hello,
    just follow these instructions a MG5150 got back to the “Print” brought.
    Thank you very much for this tip.

  40. Hello!
    Unfortunately it does not.
    At Amazon, the print head costs 90 EU…Since I rather buy a new printer.

    Programmed failure….?

  41. rinsed first with warm water, blown dry with compressed air from a can, without success.
    All rubber parts, remove the two screws, with ISOPRO flushed ALK, the black slot intensiev soaked with booze and made with compressed air of all durchgänig, Black slot Visual inspection from the ceramic side. Everything is dried with absorbent paper and compressed air, Electric contacts with contact spray from the paper, clean and dry.
    last attempt, Replace print head.

  42. Hello,
    have the “Flush tip” tried. Unfortunately without success. Everyone has a second chance – so I'll try it again. IFS will not work, then it gets a new printer. The laser printer tip with the low toner change appears favourable in total …

  43. Hello,
    have the “Flush tip” tried. Unfortunately without success. Everyone has a second chance – so I'll try it again. IFS will not work, then it gets a new printer. The laser printer tip with the low toner change appears favourable in total …

  44. Print head cleaning was successful — Bug away (MP540)!!! Super – but now he is out of black ink but only the colors. Have all occasions – and incorporated, from – and switched on, the flap during the run and stopped on – and made to and one intensive – and normal cleaning let the printer, What should I do????

    • With me at the time the same problem, first error B 200, get printing again after cleaning all parts. Unfortunately, here too the black cartridge without function. There was when you finally have a solution for this problem?

  45. After cleaning of the print head with lukewarm water and dry the printer to function correctly and print clean Web pages. Have Canon PIXMA printer MP 560. Thanks for the good tip!!

  46. What are sense-free tips? Print head under water rinse = now isser defective; NEVER the contacts in the water
    Furthermore. Cleaning fluid for 10 Euro =. 10 Euros out the window throw
    Return print head = nice that he is sent back; money back there's none for an open seal of the print head

    Recommendation: Delete this Web page!

  47. Hello,
    the B200 error is occurred to me also suddenly.
    Have the manual expansion of print head, Clean with lukewarm water, etc. followed and, after repeated – Switching on and off, Cover up and down again, running my old MP550 as usual.
    Thank you for the tip!

  48. Nothing took advantage of lukewarm water.
    But it has. Once printed a copy, then again the old problem.

  49. HAbs tried for the IP4600 with hot water and also with nozzle cleaner… The printer has error as previously the B200. There is nothing to do.

    An IP 3600 have I revived with the nozzle cleaner but.

  50. Hello together,

    Thank you for the tip, has really proven itself.
    But I had to for my Canon PIXMA 5100 have the cover when open and close during the startup process, so that the error message was not displayed.

    • I believe, It is rather the complex electronics, She got spins, that the print head is really broken.
      Had today – After 4 Years and consumption of 4 Sets foreign color cartridges – for the first time the error B200 at the MG5150.
      Have cleaned the printhead in water (for the first time- was pretty much color)
      Error message is still there.
      Again in water, blow-drying… used.
      The trick of the 14.09.2014 applied – wanted to print, again the error B200.
      Again applied the trick – This time but first copy!
      Has he made. Then something printed – now he runs again.
      I hope, This is also so!

  51. My MG 5250 the error message B200 has even after ca. 4 Years using time displayed… already a strange coincidence, that which seems to be so very many. Have the print head until cleaned up absolutely even no ink more came out, Unfortunately did not help but. I would say my next printer will be also none of Canon!

  52. I have a cannon Prixma 4950 Drucker.Seit I had a paper jam my printer carriage moves more not in the Middle. What can you do to the printer again in running get ?

  53. Thank you !!!
    Have abbreviated by twenty minute drain drying the drying phase.
    And it worked!
    Thank you again !!

  54. The quick fix of user Gerd has not had an effect on me. Have the print head of my MP550 2 Once rinsed, at the 2. Times as long as more came out until finally no color. After again B200. With the procedure:
    1-Open the cover
    2-push the ON button
    3-wait till the printhead moves to left
    4-When the printhead starts to move close to the cover
    was the printer actually ready for use. Nozzle cleaning, Test printing and printing an image okay. Great, I thought. On the next day but again B200! Repeat procedure and next day again B200. So printer in the trash. Madness. Have him 03.2010 Bought, so good 5 He has years. Only third-party inks were used.

    • Today was my first B 200 My mg 5150. After two washout experiments such as Gerd has described, I have had three restart attempts with lid open and then photo printing was again normal possible. Many thanks to GERD.

    • Quikfix by Gerd is managed +
      1-Open the cover
      2-push the ON button
      3-wait till the printhead moves to left
      4-When the printhead starts to move close to the cover
      5-problem solved !
      + Intensive cleaning

  55. Today was my first B 200 My mg 5150. After treating pressure head's instructions and three restart attempts photo prints according to GERD were possible again. Thank you Gerd.

  56. Quikfix by Gerd is managed +
    1-Open the cover
    2-push the ON button
    3-wait till the printhead moves to left
    4-When the printhead starts to move close to the cover
    5-problem solved !
    + Intensive cleaning

    • Exactly. The best this once with refilled original cartridges (empty/unresettet) perform. Then everything runs again. ;)
      Print head unnecessarily expanding, If one day could still properly print.

  57. Tip does not work, Since the ink cartridges when the lid right will remain under the cover and does not move.

  58. Have done all gemädeinen information and was ultimately successful.
    At the turn of the printer until the message “Error 200″
    I moved then a little sweeping left the print head … and he responds and works.
    Left ends I been using the Biligware for several years and drove so far so good – until yesterday
    Thank you for the tip

  59. Print head cleaning, Unfortunately same weider printer error B200 comes when printing from a PC!!

  60. Have Canon MX 715. Probably they have modified the, that moves the print head with the cartridges in the B200 error not to the page.
    So do not get to the print head. he stops right.
    Would be nice,If someone could help me.

    • Hello Carl, I have the same thing (MX715). This morning after expression of a top-notch page B200. Nothing is more. I got the print head in the Centre but still, so, How else the cartridges be changed. I have set up the complete cover and then pressing the off button on the printer. The plug was further. Then press the off/one-button again, then the pressure head is moved in the Middle. Then I pulled the plug and expanded to clean the print head. At the moment it still dries. Afterwards I then try my luck, whether it is again working.
      Greetings Heiko

  61. I've rinsed a MG5200 and the print head several times, but unfortunately without success.

  62. got the error on the Canon MG5350 “C000″ get and so the procedure described in the B200. First issued only a white sheet, then individual lines of a document smudged and indistinct printed. But after the menu “Print head cleaning” and “Print head alignment” was executed, the printer worked correctly!
    Thank you for this INFO

  63. Good advice! According to a “C000″ I've described error on the Canon MG5350 with error B200 procedure. First came out only white page, then a couple of blurred lines of the document. After a print head cleaning, Nozzle cleaning and print head then all worked correctly realignment. Thanks for the tip!

  64. Unfortunately, tough luck. Despite careful washing and blowing them out with a cold dryer and wait 1 h no success.

  65. Thanks for pointing. The procedure has also on my printer Canon PIXMA MG 5150 folded. Text- and photo print have to function correctly. I hope, keep it that way

  66. Had even a same printer with an other error.
    Thus I was able to take the printhead.
    The cleaning of the print head did not help unfortunately.

  67. have cleaned the knob as described, dried and blow dried. Reinstalled, Unfortunately did not work. B200Fehlermeldung is still available. Unfortunately

  68. the statement followed and Lo and behold: twice a- and expanded, because the contacts were again o.k.

  69. Got it out so far. But really you have the printer 8-10 times
    off and turn. Now I try to print.
    Am curious.

  70. Print head cleaning instructions. Error B200 still there. Umpteen times an and turned off. Bug still there. Then: The print head may probably not too far out be driven during the closing. Tried. Coverage when you turn briefly kept open, then folded to. SUPER !!!! Will print from PC , flawless. Copied also. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!

  71. Hello people
    Unfortunately, the described brought nothing . I by a colleague who has the same printer test way the print head changed but the error message stay. Also changing the ink cartridges brought no improvement. The problem will be more Tiefgreifender . I shall therefore dispose of the crate and mean old printer (Samsung CLP-320) again. I've given the printer ,Therefore, it is also no economic loss for me

  72. The B200 is failed me during printing at my MX895. 12--side document, at page 10 suddenly stop and error B200. Only original cartridges were used.
    Quick fix has not helped.

  73. Supplement:
    After the quick tip has not helped, I later read the tip with the lid open and close and also immediately tried out.
    The error B200 was actually away and I came in the menu.
    Then pushed on the print head cleaning, immediately B200 occurred again.
    To re-open and close the lid, It appeared the menu again, without print head cleaning 1 Print page – Printer goes out and is no longer to move to turn.

    • try this, helped me:

      1. Switch off the printer
      2. the key with the “red triangle” hold
      3. Press power button and also hold
      4. both key ca. 8 Continue to hold seconds
      5. then press the button “red triangle” Let go (But continued to hold power button)
      6. Button “red triangle” then 5 times consecutively in ca. 1-2 Press seconds intervals (Continue to hold power button)
      7. then power button release
      8. wait until the Green LED remains permanently lit
      9. the MG5150 is now in service mode, the display shows nothing along the way only the backlight lights up
      10. Service mode again to leave just turn the printer off and then back on

  74. I have a Canon MX 725
    Error message :B 200 How do I change here the printer head?
    Thank you very much

  75. The flush of the head alone was not enough, the B200 error appeared after restarting again and again ( also the folding trick didn't help )
    After a printer reset ( Maintenance mode) was the error message gone, now printed the printer with tape which is solved by the print head cleaning ink from the menu left. He now prints such as n e u ! Here the instructions to reset of the PIXMA MG 5150 and good success !

    1. Switch off the printer
    2. the key with the “red triangle” hold
    3. Press power button and also hold
    4. both key ca. 8 Continue to hold seconds
    5. then press the button “red triangle” Let go (But continued to hold power button)
    6. Button “red triangle” then 5 times consecutively in ca. 1-2 Press seconds intervals (Continue to hold power button)
    7. then power button release
    8. wait until the Green LED remains permanently lit
    9. the MG5150 is now in service mode, the display shows nothing along the way only the backlight lights up
    10. Service mode again to leave just turn the printer off and then back on

  76. Tip was very useful. I had to carefully clean the printer head but only with absorbent paper (rub off) and then the printer ran like new again. Cleaning with water was not required. Thank you!

  77. If nothing helps, you should watch this video: (Minute 1:44) . The method described therein, either the contacts for ink cartridges, or the cover for the black cartridge, can I now at least again black/white print. to re initialize the printer (Delete error B200) You must turn it with the cover open, and after about 10 Close seconds.

  78. Hello, This video has helped at least for my printer:

    My printer has 5 x even after the ON button, the reset and the thorough cleaning of the printhead the B200 error. Came up almost by now equal. Could have keen, I ignored two completely empty cartridges for some extended period of time. Well, Anyway, I got that in the video as “Nr. 3″ taped the contacts. The error
    is away! My printer is printing now but still have black-and-white and
    no longer in color, but WHO CARES? :D Better black&White than in the

    Maybe it will help other users :)

  79. Unfortunately, this has “Cleaning procedures” the print head – Rinse warm water, with nozzle cleaner and then dabbed and 30 Min. Heat not helped.

  80. even CANON – no more CANON !!!!!!!!!!!
    I expected more from this brand me !!!!!!!!
    Warranty period of – Broken device coincidence or rip off !!!!!!!!

  81. Hello,
    with me this appeared very suddenly this could be fixed, I put it in the shadows. :D
    Love greetings

  82. Have my print head removed then cleaned with water and then reinstated. The B200 error is gone and the printer works again without any problems.

  83. have also the b200 error on my mg5550. the fact is curious, It prints such as the düsentestmuster, but as soon as a mission from the pc comes, He brings back the error -.-

  84. reconnect the Trom
    > Start printer
    > again B200, Printer is running me
    > Start printer
    > Open cover, Pressure cleaning
    > Close cover while cleaning
    > Previously “Start DruckJob with self cleaning
    > Printer enters cleaning mode
    > B200 is gone

  85. There is also the model MX525 (“without print head”) with FINE print heads(incl ink) the spew error B200

  86. The B200 in the printing process has occurred with me. I use no original inks. Hint 1 run, still B200. After I've replaced all the inks works again my IP3600.

  87. If your printer has produced streaky expressions, then this is a sign of a broken print head.
    This is the case with me, my printer MG5150 printed Strip with blue color.
    I have the attempt made, the contacts 2 and 3 to insulate, now the error message is gone, and I can print to minimum s / w, and I kan the remaining functions such as scanning, and Kopeiren use again.
    If the print cartridges are empty, I'm a new, However no Canon printers put to.

  88. Bought me a new print head, It worked flawlessly. The old have I raised again with Düsenfit to life and worked perfectly. I have after several days off the printer with the functioning old head. The next day I wanted to print something and I turned on the printer. Followed by error message B200 and the print head was right under the cover even though the printer was open and the door is. No MUX! The whole “good” Already made by the network take wheel strokes etc. Nothing moves. Canon hotline was absolutely not helpful

  89. Unfortunately none of the suggestions worked. Also a reset in another Forum recommended the software of the printer not. I have the printer but determined 8 Years used intensively, mainly with third-party cartridges, off and on with cleaning cartridges. I would not push so rather's lack of product quality. It will then be a new, only the date is unfortunately abundant modest.

  90. My MX715 is taping pin 2+3 helped. The typeface was then as always superb and there was nothing broken.
    No idea why the message B200 was displayed before.
    Thanks for the tip.

  91. Thank you, for the tip! “B200″ fell over my printer (MX870) out of nowhere and is now, After I followed Gerds tip, back to life. Printed immediately after insertion of the cleaned print head again from all walks of life (Copy, from the PC, etc.)

  92. Tip from vw several times (felt about 10 x) perform and then nozzle cleaning
    not quite 100% perfect for Office applications I.o..

  93. Thanks for the tips.

    Have a Canon IP7250. It has works with the combination of quick fix by Gerd (with alcohol), then tip 2 User VW and 3 Intensive cleaning
    with subsequent print head alignment.



  94. The tip with the cleaning has brought nothing.
    The small video with the hardware reset, however, already :-)
    Class, thank you! Unlike many anscheined here, I am indeed quite enthusiastic about the MP560. Was not expensive and runs for years properly with NoName cartridges. A shame to drum…

  95. B 200 Error on my MP 560, Anyone who had the error message on his printer or has yet know what that means. To clean the print head I had no success. Only tape the contacts with the 2 + 3 (Hardware reset), as shown in the video above, was the error message B 200 away. I can print again. Black is easily, so go documents. Color unfortunately no yellow. I have ran again. Maybe there's something in the Internet.
    Am not so yet at the end of, will maybe still.
    Up here, I can only say: Thanks for the help on this page

  96. Hi Gerd
    Took your advice. Unfortunately was unsuccessful
    My Mb5150 is already 9Jahre old,think still look for a Neuen.Merci,You can good advice
    always use

  97. I have a MX 395, everytime I want to print the following message comes:
    “The printer is turned off.
    Make sure, that the printer is connected and powered”
    Of course he has power, I can copy the Yes!
    What do ?

  98. After I was initially too cautious and had no success, I kept mutually under the hot water pressure head, resigned to neither top nor bottom ink. Then spotted (also the contacts), dried with hair dryer, used, Start cleaning programme, works again. I will print a test page in the future every week and hope, to be able to prevent the drying of the ink. Thanks for the tip.

  99. Basically quick fix of user Gerd has helped already but after simple soak, because the error was not away. I then put the head in an ultrasound bath, So how the opticians use it in 4 x 3 Min run with water and a few drops of Spüli. then abgespuehlt and allow to dry, again with the compressed air can blown dry.
    The IP 4700 running again as the popular day.

    You may the Biricht without any restrictions in your website record.


  100. Careful cleaning (Ultrasound) brought no success. Then I tried to start it with the tricks when the door is. After several attempts, the Canon PIXMA worked like new again. This is the burden of proof, nothing is blocked or blown!! I have the nozzle pattern, 6 Photos and an A4- Page printed. During the next attempt to pressure three days later B200 occurred again and had no longer overcome in spite of many efforts. Read this article by Georg weasel Hall by the 19.09.2016 “HP printer with firmware event…” at It must be about Canon. It's possible no other explanation.

    • You should sue the printer manufacturer. My printer worked 3 1/2 Years. I have less than 500 Sheet and less than 50 Printing photos. However, I have used third-party cartridges.

  101. Hello, Hint 1 didn't work unfortunately.
    At tip 2 I don't know, What with point 6 (Start DruckJob with self cleaning) is meant, or. How to do it.
    Could I get even a guide?
    Thank you very much

  102. Tip2 user VW

    Knotless worked for me. Thank you very much. Additional info:

    Printer. Plug out. Open cover.
    About control panel – Devices/Printers – Start intensive cleaning
    Plug in. Turn on printer (with the cover open).
    Then it super works.
    I had only a little bit trying, before I had the correct procedure on it.

    • Many times had the B200, the third time was no longer. He has started again with your instructions, thank you.

  103. Hello together!
    After cleaning, B200 was displayed again. OFF – AT: B200 away
    Test pattern printed: bad, Cyan seems broken
    Nozzle cleaning: no improvement
    Intensive cleaning: Cyan is still broken
    I do not know what to do.


  104. MX885 / The cleaning has unfortunately brought nothing and in the service menu for the cleaning program I'm not on the basis of the error message.

  105. Nothing brought, Waste of time and even more trouble because of the lost time without printer!
    I needed a new printer!

  106. My Canon PIXMA has the B200 and U052 – Error displayed. Only cleaning of the old print head, then he prints only white sheets buying new cartridge Exchange. The motherboard is defective. This total breakdown.
    Dear at o.g. Error code kompeltt dispose of old printer and buy a new one. Sucks though because of the throw-away mentality, but the manufacturer provoke it unfortunately.

  107. Unfortunately, both options have not worked. Built in print head on my PIXMA MG 5550 and rinsed. It came out much ink, but it did not work but unfortunately, the same bug has remained. I am considering whether a new printhead makes sense.

    • Found on my pixma mx 925 the flushed print head. After the installation the error message B200 came again even after repeated - and switch off. As a last attempt, I left open the print-head door and restart the printer. The appliance works again and prints properly.

      • What is meant exactly by the print head cover?

        I know the great coverage, that you have to raise, If you want to change the ink.

        Then the little flap in front of the print head, which you must fold down, to insert and print on a CD.

        And then there's still the lever, You must press the upwards, to the print head (after previous removal of cartridges!) to be able to take out.

  108. the tip user VW was very good
    use for my ip 4950 only refillpatronen and faring back
    Thanks for the hint

  109. Wow, I've tried so many tips from the Internet, but nothing has worked. Here it worked immediately after cleaning immediately or. He showed in a different error message this time and I could go over loose. So easily you can spoof a print head! Thank you very much!

  110. Dirt company Canon, has in the course of years nothing improved. Started with an electronic counter to this programmed errors, never again Canon.

  111. Your video was very helpful. Thanks to your video I could repair my printer. Thanks ´!

    Mfg USTA my printer: MG5350

  112. Understand yet, the error is thrown by Canon. The warranty period has expired, shortly thereafter the B200 error is there. After some effort, the printer got back properly to the work brought, Pressure without reproach. Never manually switch off, goes in “Standby” and switches off after some time. Want to print again or scan, turn on only. Then the technique is outwitted, because the self test is completed. Canon, My next printer will be determined no Canon. But the other printer manufacturer are fair? Applies to MG6450, but Canon has built probably everywhere in the B200.

  113. Hello to all Canon-ridden

    After I have dealt with a Canon MG5250 in detail, can I recommend time only and (so as I) Money to invest to get this device to refloat.
    The B200 error occurs again and again, then the printer sets the service completely after repeated start.
    I'm almost convinced that the motherboard is destroyed, If this message is passed over several times, by e.g.. to get into the cleaning programme.

    • I've also just, many times this error as above solved. now he has become yourself, even switched on after the first print job and can no longer be switched on. This is a planned in my eyes “Self destruction” without that is slightly broken. A mess

  114. Has gefuntz !!
    I don't think so, that it is the ink and have the print head I also not clean.

    @ Anywhere in the forums it is Yes, “After almost exactly 2 Years of pressure time” the B200 error is. There will be tricked by all means the printer manufacturer and the customer vera…… !
    Greetings and thanks again.

  115. The tips are good. My case unfortunately not led to in the target. But now know how to change the printhead. and that this 76 cost €.

  116. Have my Canon PIXMA ip 4300 a b200
    Error and the print head stuck far right. What can I do?

  117. I have Canon PIX MAX-MX 395 My printer does not have a problem with color. Building the colors in which black right side group links???


  118. I think the bug is programmed, My MG5550 ran up to page 4400 properly and then the B200 error is exact to all 50 Sheet. Does anyone know how to clear the counter?

  119. Have simplified the tip by Gerd something, the printhead in a saucer made and cleaned with slow-flowing warm water. I have the air, not available because, omitted and it worked. Thank you very much!

  120. The cleaning process had to be repeated several times.
    Turn valve on printer and starts the cleaning. Still during the cleaning process to close the flap.

  121. For me, it has to clean only after countless attempts and then only 2 x, 2-3 Pull the plug and turn on with open cover. Jippi.

    - Probably noticed joined the B200 error for me 2 Months after the warranty period expires on. Thank you Canon.

  122. I have a Canon pixma MX 870 and with me was the display B200 – tried everything to what has been proposed here – Unfortunately no success after 6 Hours of intense effort!

  123. I have the print head out built very very nice clean made has B200 fails with this error unfortunately

  124. Worked out well the first time. Is now a 1/2 Year back occurred. So everything as usual, conducted, would have to be several times the power plug. But then he was back in. O. think of the note ” Unit was not switched off” OK button to confirm. First printing triggered. What is the MG 5350 He turns off completely. Taken back by the power, over night, He can no longer be switched on. There's still a chance, Keyboard shortcut or something?

  125. Canon printer error MG 8150 B200:
    Have followed in this respect your statement as I have several times started the printer with open flap (Print me cleaning is not possible for me). During the start-up phase I closed the lid. He went to several clean again! Cheers and thank you!

  126. After cleaning the printhead, was getting the error message. The tip with the speedy close the flap was successful and I came back to the menu. Then I wanted to start a cleaning and the printer was (MG5550) just out and since then no longer goes

  127. I expanded the printhead, long rinsed under lukewarm water, then over night in distilled water (without the golden contacts get wet), dry blow-dried and incorporated. The error message is gone and the printer works again.
    Thank you for the help.

  128. Plus tape cleaning the contacts with repeated repetition worked then.
    Thanks for the tips !

  129. Have a MG3530 after cleaning and trick of opening and power off only blank sheets. Then head cleaning through printer and then it went back!!

  130. have a ca. 1 Year of young MX952 showed for the first time error B200. Tip from VW has helped, also the tip, that the sledding is not too far to the left, before I close the door again. Now works again, without print head cleaning etc. I have my good old MP640 Vaccinia:, There nothing more after cleaning then went….

  131. I have the thing from the first video (with the label) successfully applied.. Thank you very much, It prints again!

  132. What Gerd (see above) described has worked. Even better, it works, If you remove the two screws on the pressure head and blows through the nozzle ducts until one can perceive the bar-shaped openings through all channels.
    Then using a hair dryer all blow dry, hold the dryer nozzle on the channel openings and blow through briefly and repeatedly.

  133. Have removed the print head and cleaned. After drying I've reinstated him but remained the error B200. Then I post the video on the printer head circuit board the 2 Contact boxes glued to top right and reinstated. Turn on after the returned no error message and the printer works. Thank you for the tip!

  134. Unfortunately has nothing work. You can forget all this multi function devices. My laser prints since 15 Years with the first toner without complaining…

  135. Hello,
    I will give some info why specifically fails the MX925 printer, Perhaps the cause for other Canon printers?

    The printhead can print in color no longer or not more clean / Print is smudged…..

    There a flap front is the 90 ° to below will be folded if you have to change the print cartridges. This flap, there are mechanics right and left, the ground to the rear part of form (Wedge) pressed.

    The parts of this form are actually 2 “Wedges” and lift the metal tread, what the print head carriage in which the print head and cartridges are, After up to. The right wedge jumped out of the bracket and this happens all the time when the valve is activated as long as the print head into the Park position is engaged.
    In this position, the print head that stuck the metal surface from the top. This drops the metal surface now to the right and once the next time the print head moves and wants to go back to the Park position, tears of the first Schwann for color of the rubber frame and the Schwann ends up somewhere as a “Foreign body” in the printer. As of this moment are the nozzle of the print head from the bottom and are no longer protected.
    The sponge for black color is not affected by the error.
    At some point also drops to the position tape which fails the printer completely are then due to the many color residue.

    I hope to have helped.

    VG Hansjo